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Dancing with the Stars 9.14 — Round Seven


This blog was recently voted “Blog Least Likely to Inspire Anyone to Enter the Dancing Profession” and I have to say that, although I gave myself the award, the recognition is well-deserved. For three hours each week (including the results show), I plop myself in front of the TV and am reaffirmed that I will never learn how to dance. Aaron Carter — who has a frightening dedication to this show — is now in the seventh week. He still isn’t all that great. I couldn’t spend two months on a new hobby without seeing much progress. Like mastering chess or completing Guitar Hero, life is too short to waste time on certain things. (I apologize to all future Bobby Fischers and professional gamers everywhere.) Put me in a ballroom dancing class and I’m the guy leaving in a huff because he keeps tripping over his own feet.

Do I like dancing? Yes I do — after four shots of Jameson with Paul Simon on the juke box, which is surrounded by hip-looking girls in leggings. Can I dance? Of course I can — in my own mind. My feet usually receive the messages three steps too late. However, what this produces is a dance so bad and inappropriate that it is spectacular. So why learn to ballroom dance, when I’m already perfect at dancing horribly? Exactly.

Lord knows I’ll meet a woman who demands I learn the waltz, bolero, and Argentine tango. When that day comes, I’ll be on “Dancing with Stars.”

And now, your favorite blog about this show…

I should probably make some predictions because, I don’t know, that’s what people do who watch these types of show. I think Mya, Joanna, Donny, and Mark make the final four.


Michael Irvin with Anna Demadova (fox trot)

I have no clue what the fox trot looks like, but I’m just going to assume that Michael Irvin can’t do it properly. Viewers must really like the guy. The judges are complimenting his dance. I must be looking for something else. I’ll focus more on his footwork next week.

Donny Osmond with Kym Johnson (quick step)

Aside from the one moment where Donny looked at his feet, I thought he did fine. His dances are always more articulate than most of his competition and I hope the viewers recognize that. He combines entertainment and accuracy, so he deserves to advance.

Mark Dacascos with Anna Trebunskaya (samba)

Unfortunately, Lacey is out with the flu, so he’s dancing with Anna Trebunskaya on short notice. This might not go so well.

Yawn. Why didn’t Mark do any dancing? He couldn’t get in rhythm and was visibly nervous out there. Every time a celebrity has to dance with a different partner, the performance suffers. If he survives elimination, he’ll need Lacey back.

Mya with Dmitry Chaplin (fox trot)

They did a great job. I don’t know why Len is so hard on Mya — it almost feels contrived. My guess is, she continues to dissatisfy Len for the remaining rounds. Then, in the finals, he gives her a perfect score.

Aaron Carter with Karina Smirnoff (jive)

I hope Aaron pulls this off so we don’t have to see him break down in a puddle of his own tears. Damn. He finally performed an entertaining dance. I don’t know where he found all that energy, but it worked.

They just got a score of 29.

Kelly Osbourne with Louis Van Amstel (salsa)

The past few weeks, Kelly has freaked out while practicing. When she doesn’t let loose, she maims the dance. From what we saw in the package, this salsa shouldn’t be any different.

I didn’t expect her to do this well. She looks less rigid during the upbeat dances.

Joanna Krupa with Derek Hough (rumba)

Something is always lacking in her dances that I just can’t pinpoint. She turns the focus solely on her and I’m not sure it works to her advantage. Although she memorizes the steps, her performances tend to put me to sleep, despite her hotness.


Couples will be grouped into teams and either perform the paso doble or the tango. The score will then be combined with that of their dances from earlier in the night.

Paso Doble
(Michael Irvin with Anna Demadova, Mark Dacascos with Anna Trebunskaya, Mya with Dmitry Chaplin, Aaron Carter with Karina Smirnoff)

Only half of this dance looked in sync. They kept the intensity up and stayed in character the entire time, so the other team will have to match that in their performance. Mya easily stole the show.

That goatee looks ridiculous on Aaron.

(Donny Osmond with Kym Johnson, Kelly Osbourne with Louis Van Amstel, Joanna Krupa with Derek Hough)

Man, they slayed the other team. Both their solos and group parts were fun to watch. I can’t recall one moment where things got sloppy.

Two couples are finished tomorrow.

Dancing with the Stars 9.12 — Round Six


Last week, one of the stronger dancers was eliminated because America likes to reward inadequacy. It’s troubling to a new viewer such as myself who is more interested in the show’s competitive aspects. When Natalie Coughlin got the boot, I realized this show couldn’t be both entertaining and fair. If the producers wanted to acknowledge talent, the judges would decide the outcomes. Voters calling in currently affect half the decision, and this was enough to eliminate Natalie Coughlin before a weaker dancer like Kelly Osbourne. It was sad and stupid. The judges looked betrayed. They had probably expected Natalie to face Mya in the finals. Now, because America consistently roots for the underdog, that won’t happen. The show should lower the influence on the voter’s percentage and reduce the number from 50 percent to 25 percent. Don’t even tell the viewers. Just do it. I can’t believe Michael Irvin is still in this competition. I mean, what is wrong you people? You really wanted to watch him dance over Natalie? Give me a break.

Nine couples remain. At this rate, we should be done by the Super Bowl.

Team Dances

Mya with Dmitry Chaplin (jitterbug)

Here’s the problem. The judges actually give the talented dancers harsher criticism. When the weaker celebrities perform, they pepper their low scores with compliments. The viewers aren’t really paying attention to the scores, but to what the judges say. Therefore, when they hear negative comments, they automatically assume the dance was bad. This constantly happened with Natalie Coughlin and she was prematurely sent home. Mya is easily the most skilled dancer out of the celebrities. The judges know it, but they’re not expressing it clearly enough. If they want Mya to stay, they need to voice their praise.

Melissa Joan Hart with Mark Ballas (waltz)

Man, Natalie Coughlin would have owned this dance. Melissa is so stiff. Her partner is pulling her along like she’s on a rope.

Mark Dacascos with Lacey Schwimmer (jitterbug)

The judges better give this one high scores. The dance had character, energy, chemistry, and humor. I don’t know. Of all the dances I’ve seen this season, this was my favorite.

Aaron Carter with Karina Smirnoff (waltz)

They’re dancing to “Once, Twice, Three Times a Lady” by the Commodores. Seems like a strange choice to me. Carter did a good job with the steps, which appeared complicated. He just takes this show so seriously. I always feel like he’s going to burst into tears when he gets a negative comment.

Michael Irvin with Anna Demadova (waltz)

Why was this dance so funny? Was it because he kept smiling while performing a dumbed-down version of the waltz? He legitimately looks like he’s enjoying himself out there, but his dances are never impressive.

Kelly Osbourne with Louis Van Amstel (jitterbug)

I agree with what the judges said. Kelly is never completely confident or comfortable. It’s a little too late to harness her talent. Still, I don’t think she has the ability to compete with Mya, Mark, or Donny.

Louie Vito with Chelsie Hightower (jitterbug)

I thought Louie would be dominating by now. He was very entertaining in the first two rounds, but has lost some steam. Like Kelly, he is one of the crowd favorites, but that means less and less at this point in the competition. This jitterbug was all over the place. I was fond of all the acrobatics, but not the occasional sloppiness.

Joanna Krupa with Derek Hough (waltz)

Somebody please tell me who originally performed this song! It feels very familiar to me. As for the dance, I appreciated it. Joanna and Derek reminded me of an old married couple rather than two bubbly youngsters.

Donny Osmond with Kym Johnson (jitterbug)

Each week, I’m surprised by Donny’s performance. I always expect an unenthusiastic and stiff routine, but that never happens. He knows how to entertain a room in a way the other celebrities are yet to master. You forget about his footwork because you’re watching Donny and Kym as a team. They work and dazzle as a unit. It’s hard to critique Donny when you’re focused on both dancers.

Group Mambo

All of the couples will start on the floor together. The judges will gradually eliminate the couples until the best remains.

Below is the order of elimination, which affects their overall score.

1. Michael and Anna
2. Louie and Chelsea
3. Melissa and Mark
4. Kelly and Louis
5. Mark and Lacey
6. Donny and Kym
7. Aaron and Karina
8. Mya and Dmity
9. Joanna and Derek

Did anybody notice the move where Derek bent Joanna in an awkward position, then thrust her up and down as if she were (you know)? I can’t believe they put that on camera.

Michael Irvin or Melissa Joan Hart are finished tomorrow. It’s time.

Dancing with the Stars 9.10 — Round Five


My hometown team just suffered an excruciating loss to the Philadelphia Phillies. This day started out wonderful and now I’m contemplating turning on the heater, sipping some Jameson, putting on a Sam Cooke record, and drifting off to sleep. I’m depressed and I need a remedy. Should I turn to “Dancing with the Stars” for support? Of course I shouldn’t, but it’s about to get started so I have no choice.

I have very little patience right now. Now that I’m familiar with the show, I seriously doubt that Aaron Carter is going to raise my spirits. Len Goodman better be funny and Joanna Krupa better be wearing something illegal. Ladies and gentleman, it’s “Dancing with the Stars!”

Team Dances

Natalie Coughlin with Alex Mazo (paso doble)

Is someone watching over me? Natalie Couglin is the first dance of the night! To whoever pulls the strings: thank you.

Does anybody else hate the costumes they have to wear? Sometimes I wish they just danced in their street clothes. A team’s overall body language, which enhances the characters, is far more effective. The costumes are just cheesy.

As for this dance, it was up to Natalie’s caliber. I’m not sure why the judges are so critical every time she performs. They still give her high scores, but they never seem very enthusiastic. Maybe it’s because they know she’ll move on regardless and hope she’ll take their criticism to heart.

Aaron Carter with Karina Smirnoff (Argentine tango)

The legwork was on point. The judges are raving about this one. I thought he looked too stiff, but I guess that’s what the Argentine tango is all about.

Michael Irvin with Anna Demadova (paso doble)

Finally, he didn’t suck. Aside from his robotic stutter at the end, Michael was actually engaging. I predicted he would be the next to go — now I’m not so sure.

Mya with Dmitry Chaplin (Argentine tango)

Every week, Mya glides across the dance floor with ease. She performs with confidence and rarely makes a mistake. Obviously, since the male is supposed to lead, it’s hard to compare her with the professional females. She does tend to neglect any intimacy with her partner, but she has time to hone that part. Her and Natalie are still the favorites.

Mark Dacascos with Lacey Schwimmer (paso doble)

Like the judges, I didn’t see any mistakes. I was just a bit bored by the whole thing. The judges thought Dacascos exuded an intensity that I didn’t see. With these scores, he just became the favorite on the male side.

Donny Osmond with Kym Johnson (Argentine tango)

Like Mya, Natalie, and Mark, Donny seems to spend hours practicing. You can see it in his footwork. He’s just sharp.

Everyone’s improving.

Louie Vito with Chelsie Hightower (Argentine tango)

After dropping down the leader board last week, they certainly rebounded with this routine. They created a story, which most of the other dancers avoid or forget to include. This team deserves to stay.

Melissa Joan Hart with Mark Ballas (paso doble)

She’s been playing catch up since Round Two. She finally had her breakthrough dance last week, so she really need to keep up that progress. Unfortunately, she lost her step quite a few times.

What? The judges gave her a score of 23?

Kelly Osbourne with Louis Van Amstel (paso doble)

They’re dancing to “Crazy Train” by Kelly’s father. When she gets nervous, she tends to destroy a dance’s entire mystique. I can’t understand the high scores. I like Kelly, but I thought this dance was seriously lacking.

Joanna Krupa with Maksim Chmerkovskiy (Argentine tango)

Joanna’s usual parter, Derek, is out with the flu, so Max is taking his place. They did commit one obvious mistake, but the judges don’t seem to care. I’m not sure why they’re being so nice tonight.

Group Dance

Everybody from tonight’s competition is participating in a monster hustle, popularized by the 70s chart-topper, “The Hustle.” Since the judges won’t have a say, the celebrities are letting loose.

Michael Irvin looked hilarious and, as always, Mya and Natalie Coughlin were great.

I honestly have no idea who’s going to get eliminated next as nobody was terrible. Anyway, we’ll discuss the results show in a few hours.

Dancing with the Stars 9.9 — Round Four: Results Show


All the women are safe tonight. That goes without saying. Before last night’s episode, the only female contestant really in jeopardy was Melissa Joan Hart. But look at her now. Len Goodman has asked her and partner Mark Ballas to once again perform the Charleston. Melissa surprised everyone last night, finally improving after weeks of sub-par dancing.

I’m predicting either Chuck Lidell or Michael Irvin will get the boot tonight. I mean, who else would it be?

I didn’t even know Shakira was still around. She looks great, glaring and smirking at the audience. I would never listen to this song on my own time, but I would watch the music video on mute.

So, the pros are obviously pros for a reason. That group dance was really cool. It makes a 24 year-old dude like myself consider taking a class to impress a lady. Actually, forget that — the fact that I’m fine with watching this show is enough.

I can’t believe America spared Michael Irvin. Louie Vito and Aaron Carter were obviously…wait, Shakira’s on the screen.

I wonder how well Shakira can dance. I think she should be on the next season of “Dancing with the Stars,” along with Megan Fox, Marisa Miller, and the San Diego Chargers Cheerleaders.

Chuck Lidell and Aaron Carter are the contestants on tonight’s chopping block. Lidell has definitely been entertaining, but he hasn’t contributed one dance with anything close to a textbook accuracy. Aaron Carter actually has a knack for this stuff. And the loser is…

Chuck. He shouldn’t really care, anyway. He still has the MMA and his credibility. Aaron Carter has much more riding on this competition.

Dancing with the Stars 9.8 — Round Four


I’ve been watching every game from the MLB playoffs and am in the mood for some more competition! Will tonight’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars” be just as exciting? Probably not, but at least we’ll be treated to a laugh or two, won’t we?

This evening, each of the 11 remaining couples will have to perform a new style of dance. Given that it’s the fourth week, nobody should stink up the place.

Chuck Lidell with Anna Trebunskaya (two step)

It’s just silly. I don’t know how long America will let Lidell skate by with these sloppy performances.

Melissa Joan Hart with Mark Ballas (Charleston)

Good. I thougt they were going to keep that black and white effect on the entire time. Melissa is much improved this week. Her feet seem to glide rather than stutter. They just got a score of 28. I didn’t expect that given their performance last week.

Natalie Coughlin with Alex Mazo (bolero)

I know I say it every week, but Natalie Coughlin is beautiful. Natalie, if you’re reading, I’m in this thing if you are. Just leave me a comment and we’ll be married by Friday.

Only a talented dancer could execute this one properly. They weren’t perfect, but they’re in no danger of going home.

Aaron Carter with Karina Smirnoff (lambada)

After receiving his low scores, Aaron Carter cried in Michael Irvin’s arms last week. Nevertheless, the judges still aren’t showing any sympathy as they really ripped into him this time around. I thought he was fine. Hey, look, a new commercial with Penelope Cruz.

Mark Dacascos with Lacey Schwimmer (two step)

Carrie Ann’s right — this was the most exciting two step on the night. Both showed a certain athleticism that dancers should have. Lacey isn’t a skinny little thing by any means. This girl has muscles and a fun presence.

Kelly Osbourne with Louis Van Amstel (Charleston)

How great was the music from the Roaring Twenties? I just like that big band sound. The entire bounce and groove of the music makes me want to learn tuba for some reason.

It seems like Kelly and Louis fed off the energy provided by the music. Kelly was loose, confident, and entertaining — all qualities that will keep her alive in this competition.

Joanna Krupa with Derek Hough (lambada)

This dance may have started off steamy, but where did all that energy go after the first 20 seconds? The Charleston actually doesn’t look that complicated, and I say that with years and years of sitting on the couch.

Donny Osmond with Kym Johnson (Charleston)

Although Melissa and Kelly were both solid during this dance, Donny’s performance was the most complete. He and Kym stay in sync practically every time they go out there. They don’t a have a sensual chemistry, but they still compliment each other nicely.

Michael Irvin with Anna Demadova (bolero)

Len Goodman agrees with me. Of all the dances performed this season, the bolero is the most difficult. It’s unfortunate Michael Irvin got stuck with it. Simply put, he could have been better. Either Michael Irvin or Chuck Lidell will be eliminated tomorrow.

Louie Vito with Chelsie Hightower (two step)

I take that back. What the hell happened to Louie Vito? He entered this competition with so much energy and I’m left wondering where it all went.

Mya with Dmitry Chaplin (lambada)

I’m surprised Len was so critical. I thought this was the dance of the night. Mya and Dmitry outperform the other couples every week. We still have a few more rounds to go, but at this point I’m predicting Mya will face Natalie in the finals.

Of course, I’ll be back tomorrow with some hard-hitting analysis of tonight’s results show.

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