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R.I.P. Carrie Fisher

With the sad news that Carrie Fisher has passed away at the young age of 60, here’s a clip of her being interviewed along with Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill on the Today show back in 1977 after the release of “Star Wars.” Princess Leia will be missed . . .

Metal Bikinis Taking Over Fashion Rio 2013

Ever since the Princess Leia bikini scene in Star Wars, the idea of a bikini constructed with metal has been forged into the minds of men and women everywhere. What woman doesn’t want to be the princess, wearing the type of exotic clothing that is going to make men from all over the universe take notice?

Judging from the forward-thinking and borderline futuristic beachwear options featured at Fashion Rio, the five-day seaside fashion showcase, we might be closer to the trends of Tatooine than anyone previously thought.

Forging a Fashion Success?

Fashion designer Triya is largely responsible for championing the metal bikini in 2013, which looks like the undergarment of a female knight that has been crafted specifically for the body of the model, and their body alone. And yet, somehow, it is not all together unattractive—at least on the runway.

The media certainly seems to be responding, with an Associated Press article appearing on many major news outlets, and subsequent fashion blogs.

But the main question on most people’s minds is whether or not this is a viable fashion trend that will continue to evolve for years to come, or if this is an ill-conceived idea from a recent game of D&D.

Metal is So Hot Right Now…Literally

Putting aside the ubiquitous fashion question of whether or not this would even be comfortable, other questions of logistics immediately jump to the forefront when considering wearing a plate of metal, no matter how stylish or fitted, to a beach. This is a place that is filled with sand and salt water that is invariably going to find its way into every little nook and cranny of your body.

Is the bikini going to rust or tarnish? It is going to become unbearably hot baking in the midday sun like a station wagon seat buckle?
If these are the questions you were asking yourself before you even got to the above paragraph, fear not, because there are some metal options that (un)fortunately do not have the type of mass that is going to drag you down underwater, or stop a bullet.

Off the Runway Alloys

Among the bandeau tops found at Fashion Rio were a collection of more practical items that were still forged in the great furnace of style. For instance a fringed metal swim skirt, a metal mesh upper body wrap, and a few more selections made from more traditional fabrics but accented with metal embellishments stand out as options for those women who do not want to look like they are about to be involved in a jousting match. There are even bathing suits that simply look like metal, despite being made from another material.

As is the case with most haute couture, some adjustments must be made before all of these fashion ideas are modeled into real life. However, given the amount of publicity metal swimwear has received, it’s easy to predict an alloyed trend at the beach this summer.

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RIP Frank Frazetta (update 2x)

It’s just one of those days. Frank Frazetta has passed on at age 82. He was key artist in the fantasy and science fiction field who, in his own way, had a major impact on the movie world. Though he was primarily known as the painter whose work graced the covers of books by Conan, the Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard and Tarzan/John Carter of Mars author Edgar Rice Burroughs, he also worked in comics, movie posters, and record album covers, primarily heavy metal. His work doubtlessly influenced its share of film imagery as well. (Princess Leia’s outfit while being held captive by Jabba the Hutt comes immediately to mind.)

Anyhow, below are some random movie-related works by Frazetta, starting with this very Frazetta poster for a Clint Eastwood actioner many would rather forget but I remember fairly fondly. (Of course, I was 15 or so when I saw it.)


Much more after the flip.

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The Scream Awards go down the rabbit hole (updated)


There was a time in this world when young people were frequently slightly ashamed of being bigger than average fans of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and especially comic books. I, personally, wasn’t embarrassed …and I paid a price. Those days may be over. In any case, the capacity crowd that showed up for Spike TV’s Scream awards, largely in costume and largely dramatically over- or under-dressed for a nighttime outdoor show after a very warm day, seemed more like club kids and less like the kind of uber geeks who become entertainment bloggers and film critics and stuff like that.

The Scream Awards are, in their fun/silly way, a big deal. Big enough to attract a good number of stars and even a few superstars like Tobey Maguire, Jessica Alba, Morgan Freeman, Harrison Ford, Johnny Depp and his living legend “Pirates of the Caribbean” muse, Rolling Stone Keith Richard.

I, however, am not such a big deal and was reminded of that fact when, prior to the show I found myself with the less fashionable members of the not-quite paparazzi on the “red carpet” (actually a checkered walkway) with my little digital camera and even smaller digital recorder device, wondering whether I’d really get a chance to ask a question of one of the super-famed folks, knowing that the only question I could think of at the time would be something in the nature of “What’s it like be the most notorious rock and roll star in the world, having your blood changed, and snorting your late father’s ashes?” That probably would have been inappropriate, especially if I asked it of Jessica Alba.

What actually seems to happen at events like this is that, if you’re a small-timer especially, most of the big stars either go through another entrance or walk right by you at warp speed. Meanwhile, folks who are a bit more anxious to meet the press find their way to you with the help of PR types. As an example, for about half a second, I was almost able to talk with actor Karl Urban, who did such a great job homaging DeForest Kelly while putting his own hilarious stamp on “Bones” McCoy in “Star Trek.” However, within a nanosecond he remembered he was in a big hurry and politely scurried off.

After a few odd reality show people I didn’t recognize, and the pretty young actress who assays the part of “Female Addict” in “Saw VI,” our first actual notable was statuesque model turned actress Tricia Helfer. Helfer is, make no mistake, a true superstar to TV sci-fi fans and is best known as Number Six, aka “the hot blonde cylon” on “Battlestar Galactica.” The actress appeared with her significant other, the owner of a British accent and a Giaus Baltar-style beard, but I’m sure that’s a total coincidence. I had a not terribly consequential discussion with her — lost because I apparently forgot to press the “on” button on my digital recorder. One would expect no less an effect from Number Six. UPDATE: Yeesh! As pointed out by my PH compatriot John Paulsen, the actress was actually Kate Vernon, who played the lady-MacBeth-like Ellen Tigh. It is true, all statueseque blonde women in shiny dresses look alike to me! My apologies to all concerned or unconcerned.


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