It’s just one of those days. Frank Frazetta has passed on at age 82. He was key artist in the fantasy and science fiction field who, in his own way, had a major impact on the movie world. Though he was primarily known as the painter whose work graced the covers of books by Conan, the Barbarian creator Robert E. Howard and Tarzan/John Carter of Mars author Edgar Rice Burroughs, he also worked in comics, movie posters, and record album covers, primarily heavy metal. His work doubtlessly influenced its share of film imagery as well. (Princess Leia’s outfit while being held captive by Jabba the Hutt comes immediately to mind.)

Anyhow, below are some random movie-related works by Frazetta, starting with this very Frazetta poster for a Clint Eastwood actioner many would rather forget but I remember fairly fondly. (Of course, I was 15 or so when I saw it.)


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I’m not sure what woman was the precise inspiration for this piece (Marilyn Monroe? Angelyne? Jennifer Tilly with peroxided hair? This woman certainly doesn’t remind me of the petite Fay Wray, nor Jessica Lange or Naomi Watts) but the movie connection here isn’t hard to see, it’s entitled “Queen Kong.”


A piece of unreleased concept art for “From Dusk ‘Till Dawn.”


Frazetta had more than one style of drawing, and he could pen-and-ink humor-oriented cartooning as well as more “serious” painting. Here’s a poster for a comedy directed by William Castle.


An earlier, star-laden sixties comedy that did a bit better at the box office, written by and “guest starring” Woody Allen, “What’s New, Pussycat?”


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