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Metal Bikinis Taking Over Fashion Rio 2013

Ever since the Princess Leia bikini scene in Star Wars, the idea of a bikini constructed with metal has been forged into the minds of men and women everywhere. What woman doesn’t want to be the princess, wearing the type of exotic clothing that is going to make men from all over the universe take notice?

Judging from the forward-thinking and borderline futuristic beachwear options featured at Fashion Rio, the five-day seaside fashion showcase, we might be closer to the trends of Tatooine than anyone previously thought.

Forging a Fashion Success?

Fashion designer Triya is largely responsible for championing the metal bikini in 2013, which looks like the undergarment of a female knight that has been crafted specifically for the body of the model, and their body alone. And yet, somehow, it is not all together unattractive—at least on the runway.

The media certainly seems to be responding, with an Associated Press article appearing on many major news outlets, and subsequent fashion blogs.

But the main question on most people’s minds is whether or not this is a viable fashion trend that will continue to evolve for years to come, or if this is an ill-conceived idea from a recent game of D&D.

Metal is So Hot Right Now…Literally

Putting aside the ubiquitous fashion question of whether or not this would even be comfortable, other questions of logistics immediately jump to the forefront when considering wearing a plate of metal, no matter how stylish or fitted, to a beach. This is a place that is filled with sand and salt water that is invariably going to find its way into every little nook and cranny of your body.

Is the bikini going to rust or tarnish? It is going to become unbearably hot baking in the midday sun like a station wagon seat buckle?
If these are the questions you were asking yourself before you even got to the above paragraph, fear not, because there are some metal options that (un)fortunately do not have the type of mass that is going to drag you down underwater, or stop a bullet.

Off the Runway Alloys

Among the bandeau tops found at Fashion Rio were a collection of more practical items that were still forged in the great furnace of style. For instance a fringed metal swim skirt, a metal mesh upper body wrap, and a few more selections made from more traditional fabrics but accented with metal embellishments stand out as options for those women who do not want to look like they are about to be involved in a jousting match. There are even bathing suits that simply look like metal, despite being made from another material.

As is the case with most haute couture, some adjustments must be made before all of these fashion ideas are modeled into real life. However, given the amount of publicity metal swimwear has received, it’s easy to predict an alloyed trend at the beach this summer.

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Oxygen Media Announces New Reality Competition Series Featuring Naomi Campbell

Photo Credit: Laspata DeCaro

Oxygen Media, most recently awarded a 2012 Gracie Award for Outstanding Reality Show for its series The Glee Project, today announced its latest foray into unscripted programming: The Face, a new reality competition series along the lines of America’s Next Top Model or Project Runway, will showcase the efforts of three teams of up-and-coming models competing for the chance to become the spokesperson for a nationally recognized brand. World-renowned supermodel and businesswoman Naomi Campbell will be one of three supermodel coaches, who will each scout and choose their teams from the ranks of young models striving all over the world, then mentor and guide them through a series of trials representing the steep ladder to success in the fashion industry.

The Face will be produced by Shine America, a producer and distributor of many well-known hit series such as The Biggest Loser, The Office and Ugly Betty. Oxygen has formerly been home to cycles of America’s Next Top Model and, in its stated purpose as “a leading force in engaging modern young women,” is undoubtedly a good home for this new series. As Eden Gaha, President of Shine America says, “We are pleased to bring The Face to Oxygen, which we believe is the perfect fit for this new competition series that will take viewers behind the scenes of the glamorous and fast-paced world of modeling. It’s an incredible opportunity for these young models to work with and learn from an industry icon such as Naomi Campbell and the chance to become ‘the face’ of a national brand will be an exciting and meaningful start to their career.”

The Face is reportedly part of a fifty percent increase in Oxygen’s original programming, and the presence of a star like Campbell should attract plenty of viewers. Fans of scandal and drama would do well to hope for some onscreen displays of her legendary temper, though it is doubtful she will actually assault anyone, as has so often been alleged in the past. At any rate, even without the possibility of such histrionics (and only time will tell), the series should provide plenty of entertainment for fashion junkies everywhere. As Campbell says, “With The Face the audience will get a real insider’s look at this exciting industry that has been so good to me. One lucky girl will become the face of a major brand.”


Fashion Dresses For Sexy Models

March is almost halfway in, and the winter, both financial and seasonal, is receding at a fast pace. This spring, get ready for the return of a number of old trends that have caught on again. Short pants, boy shorts and tap pants are going to rule the legs of sexy models this spring. Hemlines are going north so quick its dazzling. Knee high and over the knee socks are becoming trendy. One of the more amazing of fashionable dresses includes the warrior dresses. Leather tunics, metal plating and other riffraff from tribal and military cultures are becoming the dress of the confident woman this year. Wear one of these Amazon dresses if you are trying to look like a sexy model.

Versace and Lanvin have both come out with new ways to show more legs without going for the micro-mini. A long dress with a very high split that almost touches your high hips is the trendy wear for those who have long, beautiful legs. I find this much sexier than a micro mini which leaves little to imagination.

Imagination is the key. If that was not so, why would any sexy model bother to wear clothes at all? Think about the trend this spring of sheer fabric and see through dress. They show off some, but hide some too – which makes men wonder about what might be beneath the dress. If everything were easily visible, much of the charm would have been lost. Designers seem to have caught on to this truth this spring. The dresses are coming out with more and novel methods of revealing a little and hiding a lot. If you are wanting to look sexy this year, that’s the method to adopt.

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