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Alice Eve may be back in future Star Trek films

It was pretty disappointing not having blonde beauty Alice Eve in the latest “Star Trek” film, but it turns out they still may bring her back in future films. Since she didn’t have a big part in the new story, they decided it would be better to just not include her, and then revisit her character in the future. Still, a little Alice is better than none at all!

“Star Trek” takes on “Iron Man 3” and “Gatsby”

Star Trek: Into Darkness

“Iron Man 3” proved that “Gatsby” wasn’t great enough to take it from the top spot, but this week he faces a very angry Vulcan.

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” takes fans once again where no fans have boldly gone before. The sequel of the reboot brings Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), Spoke (Zachary Quinto) and company back as they hunt down the superman known as Khan. Can Iron Man fight off a Starship captain and a Gatsby that still managed to pull in $50 million in it’s debut?

If you’re not into Spaceships, guys in 1920s fashions or metal-clad superheroes, there are still options for you in theaters.

Black Rock – Three women hang out on a deserted island and end up fighting for their lives. Stars Katie Aselton (The League), Lake Bell (Children’s Hospital), and kate Bosworth.

Stories We Tell – A family of Storytellers are featured in this documentary.

Frances Ha – Greta Gerwig is a dancer who doesn’t really dances. That’s right, more awkward moments and awkward characters from the Queen of Mumblecore, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Is William Shatner’s love/hate relationship with “Star Trek” finally over?

He’s a god among geeks (and more specifically, “Star Trek” fans), but William Shatner hasn’t always returned that affection when it comes to talking about his career-defining work as Capt. James T. Kirk on the “Star Trek” TV series and movies. Shatner has even gone on record as saying that he doesn’t “get” Trekkies and sometimes comes across as if the iconic role was more of a burden than a blessing. But it sounds like he’s finally starting to appreciate what the show did for his career, and even said as much in his recent interview with Bullz-Eye:

No, I knew from the very beginning – or at least when it made me popular – what a profound effect it had, but to bring yourself to understand it again, to have another insight, is helpful about everything, whether it’s the love you have for the people around you or your work or…eating an apple. (Laughs) As long as you live in the moment and appreciate it, that’s really what makes you happy.

Check out the interview for more about Shatner’s new documentary, “The Captains,” as well as some of his other past and future projects.

Les Miserables: The 25th Anniversary Concert

I’ve never seen “Les Miserables,” so watching this celebration of the enormously long-running Anglo-French pop opera recorded at London’s enormous O2 arena was like being introduced to “Star Trek” at a convention full of rowdy Trekkies. In this semi-staged version, Alfred Boe sings and acts the role of Victor Hugo’s impossibly good ex-convict, Jean Valjean. Valjean, of course, stole a loaf of bread to save his infant nephew, only to break parole and be hunted by the fanatical and pitiless Inspector Javert (Norm Lewis, superbly intense). He does this while becoming a wealthy bourgeois and experiencing guilt over his treatment of the tragic Fantine (Lea Salonga of “Miss Saigon” and “Aladdin”).

Later, Valjean tries to help Fantine’s daughter, Cossette (Katie Hall), who in turn must endure the perils of pre-revolutionary France while finding love with the heroic young Marius (Nick Jonas, yes, that Nick Jonas). Along the way, we bump into a pair of nasty and putatively comical brothel owners, the Thénardiers (Matt Lucas and Jenny Galloway). Lucas, his teeth blacked out, performs the damnably annoying earworm and George Costanza favorite, “Master of the House,” as the audience goes bananas. The geek-out goes into overdrive as the show proper ends and several casts are brought on stage. Encore highlights includes “the Four Valjeans.” Fans of “Les Miserables” will eat this stuff up. The rest of us should just either shell out for an ordinary production or wait for the movie. It might not be all that great, but it’ll beat being an outsider at a fanfest.

Click to buy “Les Miserables: The 25th Anniversary Edition”

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