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“Succession” returns to HBO for fourth and final season

Succession - sarah-snook-kieran-culkin-jeremy-strong

It’s always refreshing to see excellent television shows wrap up there series before the show gets stale. “Succession” has been a big hit for HBO, but we saw last year that the cycle of conflict started to settle into a somewhat predictable pattern. Of course the show still packs quite a punch, and consistently delivers plot twists to keep viewers on their toes, but how many storylines can you create around family strife?

A final season also helps to generate buzz, and the first episode generated great rating according to HBO:

The season four debut of SUCCESSION garnered 2.3 million viewers across HBO Max and linear telecasts, marking a series high. Total viewing for Sunday night was up 62% compared to last season’s premiere (1.4M) and 33% compared to last season’s finale (1.7M), with season 3 episodes going on to average 7.2 million viewers per episode across platforms. Viewership figures are based on Nielsen and first party data.

The battle between Logan Roy (Brian Cox) and his three of his children is heating up as Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan (Sarah Snook) and Roman (Kieran Culkin) team up to do their own thing in the media business. Meanwhile, first-born Connor (Alan Ruck) continues to be a clown with his pathetic presidential campaign. The first episode was packed with drama as the kids find themselves in a bidding war with Logan.

This fourth and final season should end up being memorable, as opposed to a show like Showtime’s “Billions” which was equally brilliant in the early seasons but then hung around way to long, becoming a caricature of itself in recent seasons.

How Police Gear Helps Officers Keep Safe


Police officers are tasked with protecting the public and enforcing the law. In order to do their job effectively, they need the right gear and equipment to keep them safe. From their uniform to their protective gear, police gear plays a crucial role in ensuring that officers are protected while on duty. In this article, we will take a closer look at how police gear helps officers keep safe.

Police Uniform

The uniform of a police officer is an important part of their gear. It serves as a symbol of authority and professionalism and helps officers to identify each other while on duty. Police uniforms are designed to be durable, comfortable, and practical. They are typically made of a combination of materials such as cotton, polyester, and wool. The uniform includes a shirt, pants, jacket, hat, and boots.

Police uniforms also have reflective materials on them to make officers more visible during low-light situations. This helps to prevent accidents and keeps officers safe while working in traffic or at night.

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New trailer for “Downton Abbey: A New Era”

4178_D023_01947_RC.jpg_max - 640

Fans of “Downton Abbey” will soon get another installment with the theatrical release on May 20, 2022 of “Downton Abbey: A New Era.” All of the main characters are back, including the lovely Michelle Dockery pictured above.

The story this time has the family going on a grand journey to the South of France to uncover the mystery of the Dowager Countess’ newly inherited villa. You can watch the official trailer here.

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