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Hell’s Kitchen: Ramsay likes throwing the curveball

With drama flying around like crazy last night on “Hell’s Kitchen” on FOX, it would be fitting that Gordon Ramsay threw a curve at the end of the episode and eliminated someone we may not have expected.

The show began with a recap of last week when Ramsay eliminated Tek, but not before giving Amanda an earful about why she looks like she’s done. So then he pulled her aside and told her that she needs to get her head back in the game, saying “I’m counting on you.” Well, I’m not so sure any of us are counting on her to go much further, but he wouldn’t pull Amanda aside if he didn’t see something in her.

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Hell’s Kitchen: are they really poking my steak?

Last night’s “Hell’s Kitchen” on FOX opened my eyes up to something…..to find out if a steak is to the desired doneness, the chef is supposed to poke the center of it while it’s on the grill? Probably multiple times? I think I’m ordering something else next time at Outback.

Anyway, the episode began with the remaining chefs meeting Latasha James, the wife of war hero Otis James, who would be coming home from Iraq the following day to a surprise dinner celebration. To determine the menu, each team would have to create an appetizer and two entrees for Latasha. But first, Chef Ramsay had Suzanne and Robert meet with Latasha to find out what Otis liked to help them create their dishes. The buzz words were grilled lobster, baked potato, seafood, soul food….so who would listen the best?

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Hell’s Kitchen: Lovely = useless

As things literally heat up with tensions mounting in FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” some contestants, as they do each season, show us early on why they don’t belong. It’s almost like we are waiting for all the chefs who have no chance get eliminated so we can get to the good stuff. Anyway, as they recapped the previous week, Lovely and Tennille were spared because of chef Joseph’s disrespect for Gordon Ramsay. And Lovely made the comment that Ramsay “loves Lovely.” Uh, I don’t think so. And Tennille was still pissed that Suzanne made the comment, “If you sink our ship, I’ll be pissed,” during dinner service. Tennille told Suzanne that she could kiss her ass. Nice. But there was tension on the blue team as well, with Van and Kevin talking trash about Andy and how Andy was bringing their team down.

Then came the initial challenge, which was to make sausages. They had to do this in teams of two, and Ramsay made sure to pair Van with Andy and Tennille with Suzanne. Then before they started, the sexual references were flying….Ramsay asked Tennille if she liked sausage, to which she replied, “no chef, I don’t.” Van also made some comment about “pumping it slowly” and Ramsay told them all that “size matters,” which it did in this case, but still, did we need all the references?

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