With drama flying around like crazy last night on “Hell’s Kitchen” on FOX, it would be fitting that Gordon Ramsay threw a curve at the end of the episode and eliminated someone we may not have expected.

The show began with a recap of last week when Ramsay eliminated Tek, but not before giving Amanda an earful about why she looks like she’s done. So then he pulled her aside and told her that she needs to get her head back in the game, saying “I’m counting on you.” Well, I’m not so sure any of us are counting on her to go much further, but he wouldn’t pull Amanda aside if he didn’t see something in her.

Meanwhile, the guys were bonding after another victory and the ladies were griping, starting with Tennille, who was pissed that she was up on the chopping block again. After that, it was time for the initial challenge, in which each team was asked to create a 3-course meal that came in at under 700 calories. Sabrina had some experience working in a spa so she took the lead, while the guys were kind of tripping over each other trying to figure out the best way to cut calories. Robert, to nobody’s surprise, said that he likes to cook with lots of “oil, butter and fat.” Yeah, well duh…just look at the guy.

The guys ultimately came in at 597 calories while the ladies came in at 694. They presented their dishes one at a time to Ramsay, and he called the first round a draw between Tennille’s seared scallops with mango chutney and Kevin’s grilled seafood salad. Ariel put up the main course for the ladies, a cottage cheese and mushroom stuffed pork chop, and it blew the guys’ dish out of the water…a dried piece of pork with broccoli and soba noodles that Ramsay called a “small portion” and “boring.” Ladies up 2-1. Amanda presented the dessert for the ladies and Dave for the guys, and Amanda’s fruit bowl with lemon ricotta cream crushed Dave’s egg white pancake with fruit compote that Ramsay said “tasted foul.” The ladies won big and got to spend the day at the beach while the guys had to go to the market and prep for dinner later on that night. But the twist was that sous chef Scott led the guys to the market–him on a motor bike and them on some weird circus bike in which they sat in a circle and pedaled at the same time…..something that required a ton of physical exertion, not good for large men. You see where we’re going with this? Yep, Robert turned white and was short of breath and dizzy and nauseous afterward and had to be rushed to the hospital. Could he be sick and have to leave the show again? We’ll see, but he was going to miss the dinner service, evening each team at 5.

At the dinner service, everyone was screwing up and it was just not going smooth. Even Ariel, who seems to be one of the strongest ladies, undercooked scallops and got chewed out by Ramsay. Jim could not cook the risotto properly, and eventually chef Scott had to take over his station. Andy could not understand Ramsay’s orders and blamed his British accent. Nice. Then Ramsay got all over Tennille, calling her a “lazy cow” among other things. Then after laying into her over and over, finally saying “you’re crap,” Tennille had enough and shot back, “No, you’re crap!” Uh-oh. Ramsay told her to “Get out!” and then pulled her aside and they shouted at each other for a bit…finally he asked her if she wanted to stay and she said yes…..it was almost like Ramsay gained more respect for her at that moment.

Then an order of chicken went missing, Andy served raw fish, and Sabrina could not carve chicken properly, and then really messed up by serving pork that was raw in the center. Yikes!
Ramsay declared that both teams lost, and that he wanted each team to come to a consensus and nominate one chef for elimination. The guys were talking about Andy, but Kevin thought Jim should be up there. Then they ultimately picked Robert because he wasn’t there.
Nice going fellas. The ladies chose Sabrina, but some of them wanted Tennille based on her lack of respect. Ultimately they stuck with Sabrina.

Chef JimAfter Sabrina stepped forward, Ramsay asked Van who the blue nomination was, and he said “Robert, chef.” Ramsay said that he understood why they chose him, but that it wasn’t fair to Robert because he was sick and not there…and that if he missed one more service he’d be out, but that Ramsay had the right to make that call. So Van then told Ramsay that the choice was Andy. Andy stepped forward, and then after having Sabrina and Andy state their cases, Ramsay said that he was going to choose someone who consistently lacked passion…and that person was…Jim. Maybe Kevin knows what he’s talking about, huh?

Anyway, now we are down to 10 chefs…..Ariel, Sabrina, Amanda, Suzanne and Tennille on the red team….and Robert, Kevin, Andy, Dave and Van on blue. I still think Ariel has the best shot on the red side and I’m going with Kevin on the blue team. That’s it……next week promises more drama, just like always…I mean, it’s Hell’s Freaking Kitchen, isn’t it?