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Hell’s Kitchen: bang bang, we’re done

Did anyone else know that the season finale of FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen” was last night? I didn’t until Mrs. Mike read the TV listings to me, and suddenly I was stressed that I had to watch four hours of TV (more like 3, thank you TiVo) for blogs this morning about this show and “The Biggest Loser.” Will Harris, I have more respect for you at this moment than ever. But I made it through and now HK is done for a while as FOX turns its attention to the baseball playoffs. Anyway, we have a season finale to discuss, but it was really two back to back episodes, and they shortened the finale episode considerably compared to previous seasons (thank you FOX, seriously).

The first episode began with Gordon Ramsay having the three semi-finalists, Ariel, Dave and Kevin, make a dish out of a cuisine chosen from under a dome. Ariel went first and drew Chinese; Dave drew Indian and then moaned and groaned; and Kevin had Mexican. They would be judged by Ramsay and three celebrity judges that specialize in those cuisines.

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Hell’s Kitchen: who really deserves this?

On Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” it’s down to the final three now–Kevin, Dave and Ariel. Who deserves it more? Well, Kevin is the only one who hasn’t been close to being sent home, and he let everyone else know it at the start of the episode, telling Dave, Tennille and Ariel that he was the only one indeed who hasn’t been in danger of being cut. Cocky, yes. But he’s right. Plus, Gordon Ramsay likes those cocky bastards because they remind him of himself.

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Hell’s Kitchen: final four revealed

I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling watching this season of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” that Gordon Ramsay would prefer to scrap this batch of contestants and start over again. Last night’s dinner service surely was evidence that this is how he’s feeling. But maybe it’s just Ramsay being Ramsay–that he’s as hard on even his best employees. Anyway, here is how it went down…

At the start, Dave was pissed off at Tennille for throwing Van under the bus last week, leading to Van’s elimination. Dave wasn’t pissed that she chose Van, he was pissed that she chose Van after saying she wouldn’t.

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Hell’s Kitchen: Outsider Looking In

I know what you “Hell’s Kitchen” fans are thinking: “What the hell…? Who’s this Will Harris guy, and why the hell is he writing the blog this week?” And although I do not claim to be Nostradamus, I will even go a step further and offer up what you’ll be thinking when you discover that, on most weeks, I don’t even watch “Hell’s Kitchen”: “What makes you think you can just step in from out of the blue and fill Mike Farley’s shoes?” It’s possible that some of you may have even tacked a “you son of a bitch” on the end, but maybe that’s just a bit of self-loathing on my part.

Well, here’s the situation: Mr. Farley found himself in the unenviable position of playing in a writer’s round last night, and with only one recorder available to him and two shows to blog (the other, of course, being “The Biggest Loser”). As such, he dropped me a line and asked me with all due politeness if I’d be willing to do him a favor and blog “Hell’s Kitchen” for him…and, thankfully, the specified bribe cleared my bank account just in time for me to do right by him. So I ask you to allow me a bit of latitude if I should be unaware of previous goings-on, and with that, let us move forward into the bloggery of last night’s two-hour extravaganza.

(Actually, it was just two one-hour episodes than ran back to back, but let’s not spoil it for Fox, because I think they wanted to pretend that they were really doing something special.)

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Hell’s Kitchen: Ramsay doesn’t like wishy washy

Last week on FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” Gordon Ramsay eliminated Robert, his 500 pound pet project who did not get a fair shake due to health reasons the previous season. This week he let someone go who he didn’t see enough leadership qualities in. But more on that later (unless you are lazy and want to scroll down!). Anyway, the guys were making comments at the start of the episode about “Biggins” being gone.

Then Ramsay subjected the teams to his palate test, in which they are blindfolded and wear headphones that block out any conversation. One person from each team would square off against each other–Ariel vs. Van, then Suzanne vs. Dave, Sabrina vs. Kevin and finally Amanda vs. Andy. Andy was spouting off about what a great palate he has, and so was Suzanne, but these chefs always suck at this challenge, especially when they start talking trash. The best, and most shocking really, was when Kevin thought clams were spinach….say what??? Andy also called avocado “boiled coconut.” Ha! Anyway, the ladies won, and their reward was to have lunch at Opaque, a restaurant completely in the dark. Suzanne was trying to suck up to Ramsay, and it was becoming clearer that her teammates had zero respect for her.

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