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Hell’s Kitchen: Lovely = useless

As things literally heat up with tensions mounting in FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” some contestants, as they do each season, show us early on why they don’t belong. It’s almost like we are waiting for all the chefs who have no chance get eliminated so we can get to the good stuff. Anyway, as they recapped the previous week, Lovely and Tennille were spared because of chef Joseph’s disrespect for Gordon Ramsay. And Lovely made the comment that Ramsay “loves Lovely.” Uh, I don’t think so. And Tennille was still pissed that Suzanne made the comment, “If you sink our ship, I’ll be pissed,” during dinner service. Tennille told Suzanne that she could kiss her ass. Nice. But there was tension on the blue team as well, with Van and Kevin talking trash about Andy and how Andy was bringing their team down.

Then came the initial challenge, which was to make sausages. They had to do this in teams of two, and Ramsay made sure to pair Van with Andy and Tennille with Suzanne. Then before they started, the sexual references were flying….Ramsay asked Tennille if she liked sausage, to which she replied, “no chef, I don’t.” Van also made some comment about “pumping it slowly” and Ramsay told them all that “size matters,” which it did in this case, but still, did we need all the references?

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Hell’s Kitchen: no respect, no dice

Last week, we left off on FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen” with Chef Joseph challenging Gordon Ramsay to “step outside” because he “ain’t no bitch.” Nobody had been eliminated up until this point, so would Ramsay send the guy home, would he beat the crap out of him first, or would he just appreciate Joseph’s fire and let him back in line. Well, security guys surrounded both of them, ready to reduce Joseph to a fine pulp if need be, and Ramsay didn’t back down. Of course, you don’t have to back down when you have 1000 pounds of dude protecting you. But after calling Joseph a “chippy idiot,” Ramsay told him, “You have no respect…so get out!” Joseph shouted expletives on his way out and all of the other contestants were left with their mouths wide open. Of course, we still think the producers planted this guy, but we’ll never know that for sure.

Anyway, the red team had already nominated Lovely and Tennille, while the blue team nominated Tony and Andy. Ramsay chose Tony to go home, because the dude just consistently screwed up last week’s dinner service. That left the blue team two men down, and so Ramsay sent Robert back to the blue team, making it men vs. women again.

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Hell’s Kitchen: taking things too far?

So if boisterous Gordon Ramsay wasn’t getting wilder and more demanding with each season of “Hell’s Kitchen” on FOX, the producers seem to be making things wild, and bordering on hard to believe…literally. Last night, Season 6 kicked off, and while it’s always fun to see how some of these contestants will react when first meeting Ramsay and having to cook for him, some of the contestants appear to have been planted by producers, and some of the action seems almost as fake as the Hell’s Kitchen video game. But I’m here to recap, so that’s what we’ll do…..

The 16 contestants arrived with an impatient Jean Phillippe waiting and worrying that Ramsay was going to kick his ass for the limo arriving late. JP announces that he’s tired of contestants who don’t know basic skills in the kitchen, so he invites them inside and shows them former contestants on TV screens who offer advice such as, “Make sure the stove is on.” Then Ramsay appeared, first on TV, then in person, and he announced that the winner this season would become the head chef at the Araxi restaurant in Canada. He then shouted to them to go cook their signature dishes, and they herded into the kitchen like a a bunch of wild cattle.

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Hell’s Kitchen premieres tonight–can you take the heat?

FOX is not waiting until fall to air the new season of their hit reality show, “Hell’s Kitchen,” starring the award-winning and always entertaining chef Gordon Ramsay. Instead, Season 6 kicks off tonight at 8pm ET/PT and Ramsay just may have his wildest bunch of contestants yet.

This season’s grand prize is a far cry from Season 5’s which was the head chef position at Ramsay’s new restaurant at the Borgata in Atlantic City….instead, the prize for this one is at a ski resort in Canada, the Araxi Restaurant in Whistler, British Columbia.

After screening the first two episodes, we can only tell you that this season is going to be volatile and insanely competitive. Aside from the confrontation between Ramsay and Chef Joseph which we wrote about last week, there is at least one other twist that takes place right in the first episode.

We’ll be recapping each episode, so check back each week to discuss and share your own thoughts on who might win and who is proving to be a train wreck!

“Hell’s Kitchen” contestant gets in Gordon Ramsay’s face

Season 6 of FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen” kicks off this coming Tuesday at 8pm ET, and FOX sent around a teaser clip of one of the contestants getting in Ramsay’s face, but this time taking it a bit too far. The dude, known as chef Joseph, actually challenges Ramsay to “step outside.” Of course, this clip doesn’t show Ramsay’s reaction other than staring the dude down, but I can’t wait to see ol’ Gordon throw ol’ Joey in the lobster tank or something. Here is the clip, and stay here for more blog recaps on the upcoming season!

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