As things literally heat up with tensions mounting in FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” some contestants, as they do each season, show us early on why they don’t belong. It’s almost like we are waiting for all the chefs who have no chance get eliminated so we can get to the good stuff. Anyway, as they recapped the previous week, Lovely and Tennille were spared because of chef Joseph’s disrespect for Gordon Ramsay. And Lovely made the comment that Ramsay “loves Lovely.” Uh, I don’t think so. And Tennille was still pissed that Suzanne made the comment, “If you sink our ship, I’ll be pissed,” during dinner service. Tennille told Suzanne that she could kiss her ass. Nice. But there was tension on the blue team as well, with Van and Kevin talking trash about Andy and how Andy was bringing their team down.

Then came the initial challenge, which was to make sausages. They had to do this in teams of two, and Ramsay made sure to pair Van with Andy and Tennille with Suzanne. Then before they started, the sexual references were flying….Ramsay asked Tennille if she liked sausage, to which she replied, “no chef, I don’t.” Van also made some comment about “pumping it slowly” and Ramsay told them all that “size matters,” which it did in this case, but still, did we need all the references?

The first team to complete six links won, and that was the ladies, as the duo of Robert and Jim failed to make even one complete link. Their punishment? To clean the dorms, including bathrooms. The ladies got to party at a German restaurant, and while the guys were cleaning, Robert snapped, getting into it first with Kevin and then with chef Scott. But he admitted he was mostly pissed about losing, and Scott was basically telling Robert to channel his energy into the service instead of afterward.

Then Dave, who hurt his wrist last week, got a call from the doctor, telling him his MRI showed a fracture. That meant he’d have to wear a cast on his left arm for 2 weeks. He met with Ramsay and decided he wanted to stay, especially since Ramsay told him he could probably function okay since it was his left arm, and not his dominant one.

The doors opened for the dinner service, and it was a VIP night, with the likes of football player Dwight Freeney of the Indianapolis Colts, and other celebs like Tom Green, Kristy Swanson, John O’Hurley and Melinda Clarke. Ariel and Jim were asked to work the room this time, and Jim was having a horrible time because of his ridiculously slow pace. Tek over-salted O’Hurley’s pasta which was a big problem, and Suzanne was getting in Tennille’s way again, but Ramsay stuck up for Tennille who was surprisingly showing signs of life with her cooking skills.

Meanwhile, Andy served under-cooked and too-small lamb chops, and it didn’t help that Robert threw him under the bus for it. Then when Ramsay quizzed Lovely on what the order just called in was, Lovely was “drawing a blank.” Yikes. Then Suzanne did the same thing Andy did with the lamb chops, basically serving what looked like popsicles. But through it all, meals were going out….and each team had three tickets left to fill. Andy undercooked chicken, but the blue team rebounded and won the service.

After Ramsay lined the teams up and announced that the red team lost, Suzanne asked him for a play by play because she didn’t feel her team should have lost. Ramsay berated her for being disrespectful, and then asked Sabrina, the best of the worst, to nominate two teammates for elimination. She chose Lovely and Tek. Then, after Ramsay asked each one for their input on why they should stay, he called out Suzanne, saying, “You are not shy about speaking up, who should I send home?” Suzanne said, “Lovely, chef.” Ramsay agreed, and sent Lovely home, mostly because Lovely has been on the chopping block every week so far.

So Lovely is finally gone, and on the way out, Ramsay said her name should be “Useless” instead. Pretty much. So how will all of this catfighting play out? Next week, as the previews do every week, it looks like there are more tensions flaring. Awesome, I look forward to it!

Next to go….likely Andy, Jim, or Tek, and Tennille is still not out of the woods. What do you all think? See you next week….