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Hell’s Kitchen: Lovely = useless

As things literally heat up with tensions mounting in FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” some contestants, as they do each season, show us early on why they don’t belong. It’s almost like we are waiting for all the chefs who have no chance get eliminated so we can get to the good stuff. Anyway, as they recapped the previous week, Lovely and Tennille were spared because of chef Joseph’s disrespect for Gordon Ramsay. And Lovely made the comment that Ramsay “loves Lovely.” Uh, I don’t think so. And Tennille was still pissed that Suzanne made the comment, “If you sink our ship, I’ll be pissed,” during dinner service. Tennille told Suzanne that she could kiss her ass. Nice. But there was tension on the blue team as well, with Van and Kevin talking trash about Andy and how Andy was bringing their team down.

Then came the initial challenge, which was to make sausages. They had to do this in teams of two, and Ramsay made sure to pair Van with Andy and Tennille with Suzanne. Then before they started, the sexual references were flying….Ramsay asked Tennille if she liked sausage, to which she replied, “no chef, I don’t.” Van also made some comment about “pumping it slowly” and Ramsay told them all that “size matters,” which it did in this case, but still, did we need all the references?

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Hell’s Kitchen: no respect, no dice

Last week, we left off on FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen” with Chef Joseph challenging Gordon Ramsay to “step outside” because he “ain’t no bitch.” Nobody had been eliminated up until this point, so would Ramsay send the guy home, would he beat the crap out of him first, or would he just appreciate Joseph’s fire and let him back in line. Well, security guys surrounded both of them, ready to reduce Joseph to a fine pulp if need be, and Ramsay didn’t back down. Of course, you don’t have to back down when you have 1000 pounds of dude protecting you. But after calling Joseph a “chippy idiot,” Ramsay told him, “You have no respect…so get out!” Joseph shouted expletives on his way out and all of the other contestants were left with their mouths wide open. Of course, we still think the producers planted this guy, but we’ll never know that for sure.

Anyway, the red team had already nominated Lovely and Tennille, while the blue team nominated Tony and Andy. Ramsay chose Tony to go home, because the dude just consistently screwed up last week’s dinner service. That left the blue team two men down, and so Ramsay sent Robert back to the blue team, making it men vs. women again.

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