Last week on FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen,” Gordon Ramsay eliminated Robert, his 500 pound pet project who did not get a fair shake due to health reasons the previous season. This week he let someone go who he didn’t see enough leadership qualities in. But more on that later (unless you are lazy and want to scroll down!). Anyway, the guys were making comments at the start of the episode about “Biggins” being gone.

Then Ramsay subjected the teams to his palate test, in which they are blindfolded and wear headphones that block out any conversation. One person from each team would square off against each other–Ariel vs. Van, then Suzanne vs. Dave, Sabrina vs. Kevin and finally Amanda vs. Andy. Andy was spouting off about what a great palate he has, and so was Suzanne, but these chefs always suck at this challenge, especially when they start talking trash. The best, and most shocking really, was when Kevin thought clams were spinach….say what??? Andy also called avocado “boiled coconut.” Ha! Anyway, the ladies won, and their reward was to have lunch at Opaque, a restaurant completely in the dark. Suzanne was trying to suck up to Ramsay, and it was becoming clearer that her teammates had zero respect for her.

The guys, meanwhile, had to make sorbet from scratch for that evening’s dinner service, and prep the kitchen as well. They also were served their lunch, including a duck entree, but sous chef Scott served it to them after whirring it in a blender. Yuck!!!

At dinner service, there were multiple problems as usual. Amanda couldn’t cook pasta properly, Van had to take over Kevin’s risotto station but didn’t know how to season it properly. Sabrina gave in to Suzanne’s timing issues and undercooked some lamb, making Ramsay kick her out of the kitchen to eat her mistake. Tennille took her place and served perfectly cooked lamb. Then the guys ran out of mashed potatoes thanks to Andy, but at least he told Ramsay about it…Dave then made more from scratch, earning Ramsay’s kudos. Finally with the red team having timing issues, Suzanne tried to throw Amanda under the bus after Amanda helped her finish cooking some fish. Ultimately, both teams finished the service, but not without difficulty.

Ramsay declared the blue team the winners, and commended Dave again, who still is performing with a cast on one arm. Tennille, who has made an incredible comeback lately, was the best of the worst and was asked to nominate two teammates for elimination. She knew Suzanne was obvious, but wasn’t sure if Sabrina or Amanda should be the second choice. She went with Sabrina, but Ramsay also wanted Amanda to step forward.

Then, after asking the three of them to state their case, and hearing Suzanne and Tennille argue like Robert and Andy did last week, Ramsay told Suzanne to get back in line. Of course he did….why would he want to mess with the drama factor? Then he sent Amanda packing, saying that she just didn’t demonstrate enough leadership qualities to run one of his restaurants.

The preview for next week shows Andy cutting off part of a finger (ewwww) and fireworks from Ramsay that may be his most explosive outburst yet. At least that is what FOX wants us to believe, right?

See you all next week!