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Hell’s Kitchen: we’ve reached the finale

It’s been a long haul this season, and as Fox backed-to-backed two seasons of “Hell’s Kitchen,” we had the chance to see how disinterested the producers are in making this show better or changing things up. Every season, the challenges and when they do each challenge are the same. But I digress. This season is remarkably different, because of the lack of talent. Last night the two finalists were chosen by Gordon Ramsay, but both have serious flaws. Let’s go to the videotape of last night’s next-to-last episode…

Initial challenge: Creating a “fusion” dish using two cuisines from around the globe

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Hell’s Kitchen: bang bang, we’re done

Did anyone else know that the season finale of FOX’s “Hell’s Kitchen” was last night? I didn’t until Mrs. Mike read the TV listings to me, and suddenly I was stressed that I had to watch four hours of TV (more like 3, thank you TiVo) for blogs this morning about this show and “The Biggest Loser.” Will Harris, I have more respect for you at this moment than ever. But I made it through and now HK is done for a while as FOX turns its attention to the baseball playoffs. Anyway, we have a season finale to discuss, but it was really two back to back episodes, and they shortened the finale episode considerably compared to previous seasons (thank you FOX, seriously).

The first episode began with Gordon Ramsay having the three semi-finalists, Ariel, Dave and Kevin, make a dish out of a cuisine chosen from under a dome. Ariel went first and drew Chinese; Dave drew Indian and then moaned and groaned; and Kevin had Mexican. They would be judged by Ramsay and three celebrity judges that specialize in those cuisines.

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