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Hell’s Kitchen: who are these people?

Mrs. Mike made the comment last week that she thinks a couple of the “Hell’s Kitchen” contestants are “plants.” Meaning, the producers put them in there to say things and act a certain way. Well, after two weeks of this show (and a grueling four episodes I might add), I think I agree. Raj and Sabrina are just certified nuts….and neither appears to really know what they’re doing or know how to get along with people in the kitchen. But I digress…here is a brief recap of last night’s episodes:

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Tinseltown takes a break

It’s a pretty slow day in movieland with the main stories being non-stories like another possible slow down in the ongoing backstage drama involving the purchase of NBC Universal, which I’ve been ignoring because, I’m not sure how it would really change anything about the movies you’re seeing except who’s collecting the shekels (I’m sure I’m wrong about that in some way, however), and a venue change from the Independent Spirit Awards from Santa Monica to downtown L.A. That’s almost ten whole miles inland (which is like one mile in most cities).

Also, Jon Favreau won’t be directing the Avengers movie when that finally comes to be made, and the Hulk won’t be appearing in Iron Man 2. I wonder what else isn’t happening today? I’m sure someone, somewhere is “in talks” for a remake of something that will probably be not as good as the original, unless I’m wrong and it’s an improvement.

And, not yet a flashy superhero Ryan Reynolds may star in an untitled comedy which will have him in drag. How does “Van Tootsie” or “Some Like it Wilder” sound?

Anyhow, the lull is cool with me as I’ve got stuff to do, including tonight’s weekend movie preview, so I’ll catch you on the flipside. Until then, enjoy a non-eventful movie moment on me.

Hell’s Kitchen: final four revealed

I don’t know about you, but I get the feeling watching this season of Fox’s “Hell’s Kitchen” that Gordon Ramsay would prefer to scrap this batch of contestants and start over again. Last night’s dinner service surely was evidence that this is how he’s feeling. But maybe it’s just Ramsay being Ramsay–that he’s as hard on even his best employees. Anyway, here is how it went down…

At the start, Dave was pissed off at Tennille for throwing Van under the bus last week, leading to Van’s elimination. Dave wasn’t pissed that she chose Van, he was pissed that she chose Van after saying she wouldn’t.

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