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The Role of Gambling in Movies

Props matter and that is the fact of the matter. More often than not, a majority of viewers would watch a film at the theatre and fail to notice the significance of the objects that the protagonists utilises to achieve his or her goals. It is only the eagle-eyed movie buffs and well-trained film grads that pay heed to these details. However, in most cases the filmmaker deliberately selects every single prop that his characters use on screen, and we are here to dig in deeper for you.

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The Best Roulette Scenes in Films


There is something about this glamorous game that captured the hearts and minds of people from the moment of its debut, and although we have certainly come a long way from the year it was invented by Blaise Pascal, 1655, the world continues its love affair with this iconic casino game. Of course, the fact that it gets represented so frequently in some of the best movies ever made doesn’t hurt either, and this list outlines the very best of these for your browsing pleasure:

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Best Gambling movies

You may desire to take some time away from the reels and the confusing odds, but you still have the urge to feel the thrill which gambling brings. What better way to do so than to relax on your couch enjoying some crunchy tasty popcorn while watching the best gambling related movies? There are hundreds if not thousands of such films out there and we are going to share with you some of the gambling movies which always make the top 10 favourites list.

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Why “Casino Royale” is still the greatest Bond film ever 

This November will mark 11 years since Daniel Craig made his first appearance as James Bond in “Casino Royale” which I consider to be the best Bond film there has ever been and likely to be. 

“Casino Royale” was the 21st film in the franchise and the opinions of Bond fans vary greatly in terms of which film is the best. My suggestion that the film is la crème de la crème will enrage some, but I think many will agree. 

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