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The 5 Best Casino Movies

Casinos and Hollywood have a lot in common — bright lights, glamorous people, and the allure of fame and fortune. It makes sense, then, that some of Hollywood’s most memorable and well-received releases center on the world of casinos. Take a look at 5 of the best casino movies ever made and the characters that brought them to life:

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Top Gambling Picks in Hollywood Flicks

It is the dream of anyone needing to make a quick buck to be able to gamble in the world of Hollywood movies. All you would need to do is find some hopeless small town sports team made up of big hearted, good humoured but unfit losers. Throw in a beloved training ground under threat from some evil international corporation and an eccentric, down-on-his-luck former sports coach looking for that one last piece of glory and you have yourself a winner! Once you had discovered this perfect Hollywood set-up, you could sit back, place your 10 dollar bet and watch them cruise their way to victory and the money roll into your back account. Sadly, in reality, if the odds are low then so is the chance of you getting back in the green. However, just in case you wake up tomorrow in the world of against the odds comebacks and heartwarming underdogs succeeding, here are three surefire gambles from the land of the silver screen.

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Sports scandals in the movies

Baseball is deal with a fresh PED scandal, and who knows how all of this will play out. With guys like A-Rod facing the possibility of massive suspensions, the integrity of the game is at risk again, and baseball has learned from past scandals that you have to go all out to squash these things. For example, baseball hates the idea of gambling, but we all know guys love to bet on sports. In today’s world it’s much more mainstream, and you can check out this advice before betting on sports and there are many ways to enjoy this hobby. But baseball hates it of course of players, umps or coaches get involved and threaten the integrity of the game. Just ask Pete Rose.

If you’re looking for a cool Netflix option, check out “Eight Men Out,” a quality baseball film about the Black Sox Scandal which was another time in baseball history where the integrity of the game was questioned. The 1919 Chicago White Sox were a great baseball team, and yet they were basically paid off to throw the 1919 World Series. Making the story even more dramatic, Commissioner Judge Landis banned all eight players allegedly involved from professional baseball for life, including the immortal Joe Jackson. The movie captures the drama of the situation and it’s an interesting backdrop to today’s issues.

People invariably get caught up in the moment, but the repercussions of harsh penalties can have an impact for years – good and bad. But sometimes sacrificial lambs are necessary. Baseball was able to eradicate gambling problems until the Pete Rose scandal, and perhaps harsh punishments here can finally put the PED era to bed for baseball. Someday we’ll probably have movies about this as well.

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