This November will mark 11 years since Daniel Craig made his first appearance as James Bond in “Casino Royale” which I consider to be the best Bond film there has ever been and likely to be. 

“Casino Royale” was the 21st film in the franchise and the opinions of Bond fans vary greatly in terms of which film is the best. My suggestion that the film is la crème de la crème will enrage some, but I think many will agree. 

Choosing your favorite Bond film is a bit like being asked which of your children you love the most. It’s a hard decision but in the end there is one candidate that is just a cut above the rest. 

In the case of 007 films, “Casino Royale” is head and shoulders above the rest. 

Before I go on, I have a confession to make. It is only recently I have reminded myself how good the film is.

While scrolling through social media the other day I came across an article on that named “Casino Royale” as one of the best casino movies ever and at first I was slightly taken back. Better than “Goldfinger?” Or what about “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” 

So I immediately texted my better half half to arrange for her to go out for the evening, so I could take in “Casino Royale” again, and I became convinced that this was the best Bond film after watching it again. 

The tabloid press criticized Daniel Craig when we was announced as the new 007 in 2005 but a BAFTA-nominated performance was enough to silence the critics. Looking back today, “Casino Royale” is improving with age; especially after the verdict on “Spectre.”

Judi Dench was the only part of the furniture to remain as the Bond franchise underwent a serious makeover between Pierce Brosnan’s final film, “Die Another Day” and Ian Fleming’s original novel finding its way onto the screen. 

“Casino Royale” ripped up the stereotypes that the 007 franchise had begun to conform to. The franchise was slipping into a routine, and Daniel Craig with his blue swimming shorts was able to give the franchise new life. 

Bond again finds itself at a crossroads; it is preparing for life after Daniel Craig and if the result is half as good as “Casino Royale,” then Bond fans are in for a treat.