You may desire to take some time away from the reels and the confusing odds, but you still have the urge to feel the thrill which gambling brings. What better way to do so than to relax on your couch enjoying some crunchy tasty popcorn while watching the best gambling related movies? There are hundreds if not thousands of such films out there and we are going to share with you some of the gambling movies which always make the top 10 favourites list.

It is very much hard to argue that the iconic ‘Casino’ movie is the best gambling movie right now. ‘Casino’ is a movie which was created to show the world all the dealings and under dealings of life in Las Vegas. Contrast to what one sees in Las Vegas life i.e. the exhilarating and overly glamorous life with the dark and twisted mafia lifestyle; ‘Casino’ features some of the world’s renowned actors, such as the infamous Robert De Niro. In Casino, he plays the role of Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a civilised well-connected casino owner whose business is put to threat by a forgotten friend Joe Pesci. ‘Casino’ is a great watch, and the Las Vegas setting truly helped the movie achieve the heights it wanted. Furthermore, the enthralling plot was sublimely captivated by strong and powerful actors who showed their talents and class to the fullest when making the movie.

Our second choice is Ocean’s Eleven, a great movie which portrays the life in Las Vegas in a real-life scenario. Ocean’s Eleven is centred on the shenanigans of George Clooney as a con-artist. Clooney stars in Ocean’s Eleven with Brad Pitt who plays the role of Rusty Ryan. They are accompanied by 9 other like-minded individuals, each of whom has his own somewhat dark and twisted specialty. The team drafts a plan in which they attempt to make a heist and profit over 150 million dollars from a safe which supplies 3 major casinos in Las Vegas. Ocean’s Eleven will keep you glued to your seat throughout the whole 120 minutes as the plan is being executed. The suspense and intrigue are further raised by Ocean as he conceals the main reason he chose to hit this particular vault to his partners in crime. The secret that Ocean decides to keep away from his ‘friends’ is his attempt to break up the fling between his Julia Roberts playing the character of Tess and his arch-nemesis Andy Garcia.

For comedy lovers, you can get to enjoy the thrill of gambling while laughing during the course of the whole movie in Hangover, The House or Think like a Man Too. Gambling movies from time immemorial seemed to focus more on the action package, but less on the lighter part but thanks to movie producers Jon Lucas and his partner Scott Moore you can enjoy lighter moments with your family while watching movies with gambling storylines. In the movie, the ‘Hangover’, three friends arrive in the gambling capital, Las Vegas, for a night out day before the wedding. However, the following morning they are unable to recount the previous night’s events. The problems are further compounded by the fact that they cannot locate the friend who is about to wed and making it on time for the wedding technically was out of reach. The three friends resort to visit the casino in order to recoup some money before they make their way to the wedding and it is at this juncture that they expose life in Las Vegas.

There are many gambling inspired movies out there, but these three definitely top the lists of all-time greats. These movies are absolutely phenomenal and they are also effortlessly re-watchable.