Gambling movies had a major impact on the development of the casino business. After the big bang of casino films during the 80s and 90s, statistics showed that people started taking trips to the casinos a lot more often than before. And it is understandable as to why. Everybody has a fair chance of becoming the next millionaire by just playing a slot game or a card game.

In recent years, the casino business evolved so much that some people even came up with the idea to transfer the games online. Why bring people to the casino, when you can bring the casino to them? The concept of online casinos has been around since the late 90s but flourished just a few years ago. Every new online casino offers a ton of rewards to the players and they are available 24/7/365.

Because these movies had such a great impact in the real world, we wanted to share some of the best gambling movies of all time. Here are our top picks.

The Hangover

The Hangover is a fairly new movie. This is one of the best comedies that we’ve watched in recent years. It follows the story of three friends who go to Vegas for a bachelor party. Unfortunately, they end up waking up the next morning with no recollection of what happened the previous night. Now, they are racing against the time to find out what exactly happened and make it in time for the wedding. There are 2 sequels to this movie and both of them were highly praised and broke records throughout the world.

Casino Royale

A James Bond movie is always a good idea. This time, the famous 007 agent travels to Montenegro to participate in a high-stakes poker game organized by Le Chiffre – a man who has secret information and is a vital asset for the British government. Bond’s task is to win the tournament and make Le Chiffre lose his money and seek asylum in exchange for the intel. But, things do not go as planned and all hell breaks loose.


A college student is accepted into Harvard but doesn’t have enough money to pay his $300,000 tuition. He is a genius when it comes to solving math problems. One of the teachers sees his potential and invites him to his club. The club is all about scamming casinos by counting the cards while playing Blackjack. Soon, they end up winning thousands of dollars in the Vegas casinos each weekend, but their life is turned upside down after an old nemesis of the teacher finds out about them.


Finally, we have one of the most popular, if not the most popular gambling movie of all. Matt Damon plays Mike McDermott, a young, gifted poker player who finds out that his friend is in great debt with local underground mobsters. He decides to save him by taking the debt to his name. Unfortunately for him, he ends up losing everything to a former KGB agent turned gangster. With no choice left, Mike organizes one final poker game against him. If he wins, he repays the debt. If not, his life is on the line.