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Hell’s Kitchen: UK bound

So last night was the season finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” and with the finale of “Next Food Network Star” set for Sunday night, I’ll only have “Top Chef” to blog….what am I going to do with myself for the next month? But hey, that’s my problem, not yours!

“Hell’s Kitchen” has progressed a lot in the last few years. It used to be that the season finale was stretched out over two episodes that were usually two hours long each. Now, they have mercifully condensed that to one hour, and in the process there is far less fluff and much more meat.

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Hell’s Kitchen: rush rush rush

I say “rush rush rush” because we are already at the season finale of “Hell’s Kitchen” on Fox. All those two-hour episodes caught up to them, probably on purpose. But seriously, this season began in early June with like 17 contestants! Anyway, here we are, as last night Gordon Ramsay cut his candidates for the London Savoy gig down from four to two.

The episode began with Ramsay having one of his sous chefs call up to the dorms to have the contestants come down first thing in the morning, but asked them to dress nicely. They all did except for Jay, who wore jeans and a black shirt. Ramsay said he looked like a sack of potatoes, especially next to Ben, who wore a jacket and tie. Anyway, Ramsay brought the Savoy to Hell’s Kitchen, serving them a dish that is served in London–but of course, there was a challenge attached. They had to re-create the dish in 45 minutes. Holli, Ben and Autumn made venison but Jay used flank steak. Holli, Ben and Autumn made it on apple puree but Jay made his on pear puree. Jay was correct on that but wrong on the protein, which was venison. So Ramsay ruled him out and declared that Holli and Ben had the two best dishes…and that Holli had the better dish. Ben of course thought his dish was better and wouldn’t shut up about it.

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Hell’s Kitchen: soft-hearted Ramsay

If you’ve watched “Hell’s Kitchen” for any length of time, you know that Gordon Ramsay really is a nice guy and someone with a kind heart–not necessarily the yelling and screaming crazy man he plays on TV. I mean, he probably does have that side to him in the kitchen, but for the most part that tends to be an act. That was proven again last night.

The episode began with Ben and Jay talking about how they wanted to beat out Autumn and Holli and face off against one another in the finale. I am sure Jay wants this to be true so he doesn’t have to compete for the grand prize of a gig running Ramsay’s new London restaurant with Holli, who he is clearly falling for.

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Hell’s Kitchen: why this season is different

Season 7 of “Hell’s Kitchen” is a bit different. Because as we plow on through it, and I do mean plow, there are some things that have made this season unique. Mainly, it’s been unpredictable. Those who we thought were contenders (Ed) and those we thought were non-factors (Autumn) have proved us wrong. Even Ben showed last night his days are likely numbered and he can’t possibly win. And oh yeah, there is a blatant romance budding here between Holli and Jay. Big time. The clips for next week show Ramsay putting his foot down about said romance, so that should be interesting.

Anyway, we’re almost at the finale, and this show kicked off June 1…so Fox is trying to get it over with before Season 8 begins in September. Yes, that’s right. Season 8 is already in the can, too. I wonder how many more are in production, because the show is, despite the twists this season, getting really stale really fast.

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Hell’s Kitchen: palates and crustaceans

Fox gave us another two-hour episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” last night, and it’s becoming clear that they are trying to get the show out of the way before the fall. Next week the MLB all-star game is on Fox, so we’ll have a reprieve, and then on July 27 Gordon Ramsay’s new “Master Chef” show will begin and probably share air time with “Hell’s Kitchen.” Either way, we sure are moving swiftly, and are down to the final 6. Here is how we got there last night…..


This episode was the palate episode, but it began with Ramsay serving the remaining 8 chefs a dish he claimed to have created. He asked for their opinion of the chicken dish, and each of them raved about it. Then he broke it to them….it was a frozen meal. Ha! That should have been a sign of what was to come, and it was….the palate test. This is the one where he blindfolds each chef and puts headphones on them, and asks them to name what he puts in their mouth.

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