Fox gave us another two-hour episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” last night, and it’s becoming clear that they are trying to get the show out of the way before the fall. Next week the MLB all-star game is on Fox, so we’ll have a reprieve, and then on July 27 Gordon Ramsay’s new “Master Chef” show will begin and probably share air time with “Hell’s Kitchen.” Either way, we sure are moving swiftly, and are down to the final 6. Here is how we got there last night…..


This episode was the palate episode, but it began with Ramsay serving the remaining 8 chefs a dish he claimed to have created. He asked for their opinion of the chicken dish, and each of them raved about it. Then he broke it to them….it was a frozen meal. Ha! That should have been a sign of what was to come, and it was….the palate test. This is the one where he blindfolds each chef and puts headphones on them, and asks them to name what he puts in their mouth.

Fran and Autumn were first and Fran, after she claimed to have an awesome palate, was 0 for 4. Autumn guessed 1 correctly and the blue team was in the lead. Holli got 1 right to Ed’s 0. Ben and Jason each got 1 correct, and it was down to Nilka and Jay. Nilka got one right and Jay 2, giving the blue team the win.

Their prize was to spend the day at Sea World and swim with the dolphins. Meanwhile, the red team had to unload delivery trucks. Then for the dinner service later that day, the teams were empowered with creating their own menus. The red team was struggling, and/or letting Ben strong arm them, and the blue team chose items that were so simple that they ventured into boring territory. Ramsay got to sample all of the dishes, and he was not very impressed with the red team’s creations, except for Holli, who made all of the desserts, and made them very well. I’m starting to believe she has a real shot at winning this. Meanwhile, Ramsay was very disappointed that the blue team took the easy way out and didn’t create anything interesting or exciting. He asked them to re-consider their menu. But after that, the orders were coming in from the dining room and most guests were choosing the blue menu.

In the kitchen, Fran could not cook chicken all the way through and Autumn almost served raw pork. This prompted Ramsay into one of his “Get out!” modes. He pulled her aside and let her have it verbally. Then Jason was getting flustered because of the volume of orders for the blue team, and Fran was screwing up at the meat station, again. Then Ramsay pulled Fran aside too, but not before telling Autumn that her attitude “stinks.” In the end, Ramsay declared both teams losers and asked them to each choose one person for consensus nomination for being sent home. The blue team chose Autumn and red chose Fran. Big surprise! Ramsay told Fran he’d had enough, and sent her home. He then told Autumn to take off her jacket as well, but sent her back to the red team. They actually welcomed her back with open arms, and Ben commented that Autumn was a much stronger cook than Fran was.


This one began with Ramsay telling the chefs that whoever won the job at the Savoy in London would be cooking with exotic ingredients, such as the giant 10 pound lobsters he was holding. He asked them each to create a lobster dish for their initial challenge. But he also brought out three Michelin star chefs to help him judge the dishes.
Since it was 4 against 3, Ramsay told the red team to have one chef sit this out. They chose Nilka, whose boring lobster with mashed potatoes wouldn’t have done her team any favors.

Holli faced off against Ed and Holli won; Jason beat out Autumn; and Ben and Jay both failed, prompting the guest chef to not award a point to either. So Ramsay told them the winner would be the team that had the best dish overall, which was Holli’s. So the red team won a challenge! Their reward was to be whisked off to a caviar restaurant and then a shopping spree. Meanwhile, the blue team had to clean the dorms and prep both kitchens for dinner. They had to do the red kitchen first, and had no time to do their own, which would have been a major problem. However, Ramsay announced that they would now be working as one team, in the red side of the kitchen. Jay, Jason and Ed all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

For this dinner, the chefs had 2 hours and 30 minutes to complete service, as the guests were all going to the theater afterward. Nilka could not cook seafood properly, prompting Ramsay to tell her to “Get a grip!” Ed was not all there either, leaving frying pans to burn on the stove. Jason, meanwhile, was on his game, cooking all of his beef wellingtons perfectly. But Nilka kept failing over and over again, and finally Ramsay told her to take off her jacket and get out, for real. Nilka could not accept her fate, coming back in and begging with Ramsay to give her another chance. He told her to leave again, and when she didn’t, he asked the other chefs to get her to leave. Nice.
But after Nilka got her things and then headed out to her waiting cab, Ramsay was there waiting for her, and gave her some kind words of encouragement. Once in a while, Ramsay shows that he definitely has a good heart.

Meanwhile, the dinner service went really well, winding up at 2 hours, 15 minutes. But Ramsay told them to choose two people for consensus nomination for elimination. They chose Ed and Autumn. Then, when they were on the chopping block, Ramsay told Ed to take off his jacket. He then told him to put on a black jacket, and to get back in line. He congratulated him, Autumn and the other four remaining chefs on reaching the Final 6.

Seriously, the Final 6? This season is going to be over in just a few weeks. So your Final 6–Ed, Autumn, Jay, Jason, Ben and Holli. I’m going to predict that the final will be Holli vs. Jay. Okay, thanks for reading and we’ll see you all in two weeks!