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7 Most Popular Movie Break-Ins

When it comes to dramatic, over-the-top movie break-ins, no one does it better than Hollywood producers. They have created some of the most astonishing intrusions ever. While truth is often stranger than fiction, which may not be so where film break-ins are concerned. This article will make you think about a security choice that is reliable, to ensure these crazy intrusions won’t happen to you. See if any of the following film break-ins linger in your memory.

7. The Italian Job

This 2003 remake of the 1969 original features an all-star cast intent on performing the heist of their lives, making their getaway with thousands of pounds of gold by designing cars which will handle the load. Oh, and the cars are small enough to be driven on the sidewalks, which is handy since the robbers have intentionally created the largest traffic jam in Los Angeles history.

While that tactic keeps the auto-bound cops from showing up on the scene, remember the police love to fly around in helicopters, too! Dodging the sky police comes with its own challenges. Plot twists abound in this caper, leading to the resolution of its overriding revenge theme.

6. Gattaca

When the space program of the future only accepts candidates with perfect DNA, Vincent and his birth defects are not welcome. However, his only dream is to enter space. Undeterred by genetics, he becomes a borrowed ladder – an identity thief – to perform the ultimate break-in. He manages to land a job at the top security outfit, where genetics testing is conducted daily on all employees at the facility. Continue reading »

TV Events That Changed the World: Make Sure You Won’t Miss the Next One

The television has arguably been one of the most important inventions to ever enter the average home. Although it seems to be overtaken nowadays by the Internet, nobody can deny the importance the humble television has had on popular culture.

Neil Armstrong.

Every once in a while, an event is shown on television that changes the national landscape, and alters the way people look at the world. These events only come along every so often, so it is important to make sure that you won’t miss the next one. So, if you’ve missed any of these great television events, you can use your Direct system to record and playback these great moments. Here are some of the most important events that the television has captured in recent years.


The attacks on the World Trade Center in September 2001 shook the world to its very core. One of the reasons that these terrorist attacks were felt so acutely across the world was the television coverage that was given to them.

The live footage of the second plane crashing into one of the towers, as well as shots of bystanders covered in ash and soot, are some of the most iconic images of the 21st Century. They were experienced by many people across the globe, thanks to the television.

Titcut Follies

This little-known documentary, made in the 60s, goes a long way to showing the power of television. The documentary was made by filmmaker Frederick Wiseman, who took viewers behind the scenes of the Bridgewater State Hospital for criminally insane patients.

It showed shocking footage of inmates being beaten and tortured, and was deemed so controversial that it was pulled from distribution. It was only years later, during a court case examining the death of an inmate who had been based at the hospital, that the film was once again allowed to reemerge and be shown.

Neil Armstrong

Very occasionally, there are events that take place which change the entire mental and emotional foundation of an entire nation. Neil Armstrong becoming the first man to walk on the moon was one such event.
Not only did his historical voyage boost American morale in the wake of the ‘space war’ with Russia, but it opened the nation’s eyes to what the nation could achieve if it put its mind to it, and once more firmly established it as the land of ‘The American Dream.’ The television broadcast this monumental event directly into people’s homes and made the moon landing a victory for the people—an idealistic completion of the goals and dreams of the American everyman.

The Times of Harvey Milk

This acclaimed documentary depicted in full the life story and struggle of Californian politician Harvey Milk.

Milk was a gay man campaigning for gay rights at a time when gay people were not fully, or even partially, accepted in society.

His life story was most recently made into a Hollywood film starring Sean Penn as the eponymous activist, although this piece of visual documentary first opened the eyes of many people who had no idea gay rights were such a tempestuous issue at the time.

Triumph of the Will

Of course, television can be used for evil as well as good. Continue reading »

7 Ways to Throw an Oscar Party Like the Stars

The Oscars always offer a great opportunity to throw an out-of-this-world party. Being unable to attend the event itself is no barrier to having fun and partying like the stars. If you want to invite friends and family over to watch the Academy Awards, why not do it in style?
Of course, a television set with a large screen is a necessity. The viewing area can be in a separate room to allow the guests to mingle. Some will just chat with friends instead of watching the entire show. Here’s how to host the best Oscar party ever:
1. The Dress Code
Decide early on if you’re going the whole nine yards and having everyone dress in evening gowns and tuxes. If you’re going formal, make the occasion fun by including a red carpet and having an announcer meet guests at the door. Each guest can be announced with a fun tidbit thrown in. 
2. Décor/Setting
It helps to decorate with style and flair. Use an awards statue as a centerpiece; these can be purchased online or in costume stores. Add to the theme by putting up movie posters, or better yet, use posters of movies that are up for awards.
Make the place comfy with enough seats and cushions for comfortable viewing. Use props and label them to indicate which movie they were used in to add to the authenticity. Finding props isn’t hard; you can buy them or use something available at home. Finish up with sound tracks from your favorite movies as background music.
3. Invitations
Invitations can be sent in the mail and can be as fancy as you wish. Let the type of party and your budget determine the quality of the material used. Even if it’s a posh affair, invitations can also be sent online.
4. The Menu
If the party is formal, the menu should reflect this. Serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can up the tempo by creating a unique drink or two and naming them based on your Oscar picks. Bite-size snacks are ideal since there will be a lot of TV watching. Of course, you should have popcorn on hand.
5. Have Swag Bags
Swag bags with goodies are great for any Oscar party. This doesn’t have to cost much. Ideas include chocolates, sweets, popcorn and small movie-inspired items such as wall decals.
6. Play Movie Trivia Games
Provide ballots for guests to pick their Oscar winners. Trivia games can involve nominees from the year’s crop of hopefuls. Prizes like movie soundtracks or DVDs of past Academy winners can be given to winners.
7. Hand out Oscars
Have Oscar statuette replicas on hand to give to those with the most correct predictions. This will be the perfect finish to a great time with friends.
As you can see, there is nothing stopping you from having a fantastic Oscar party. Hosting a party like the stars can be enjoyable on a small budget. Why should the celebs have all the fun?

“Jackass 3-D”: An Unusual Winner

Unbelievably, “Jackass 3-D” is set to take the title of record opening sales for the month of October, for all time. Is this a likely coincidence or is it just what the public needed?

Riding the 3-D Wave
It seems like every new movie being released is also being released in 3-D. And, the Jackass franchise is no exception. This group of quirky guys excels in sadistic and masochistic behavior that leaves audiences rolling in the aisles. Unlike many movies that are shot with traditional cameras and then reformatted to show in 3-D, the newest Jackass installment was shot from the start with 3-D cameras and produced to give the maximum 3-D effect. 3-D may well be a fad, but for the time being audiences are lining up to see jet skis or portable toilets flying toward them and leaping off the screen.

Stress Relief
Movies are often a source of stress relief, and this movie is providing ample opportunity to laugh and forget about your problems. Sure, 3-D movies typically charge more per ticket, but you’re guaranteed a movie experience. And, paying a little bit extra for a movie ticket doesn’t seem to be deterring the public. Nonetheless, the price of admission is a small price to pay for the wonderful healing experience of continuous laughter.

With no pretense of any real plot, “Jackass 3-D” offers audiences an escape from reality. Traditional movies rely heavily on the plot for character development and for sustaining moments of dramatic tension. Some movies have such complicated plots that you leave the theater muttering about what actually happened. This is not the case with this movie. Familiar characters, sometimes in strange clothing, doing what they do best. Nothing to think or wonder about; just good old-fashioned, painful slapstick.

Movies and Entertainment Events Marketed by Affiliate Programs

All great movies need to be marketed properly to ensure their success at the box office. Take the Twilight movies for example. Eclipse was released in the summer of 2010 and you would have to be hidden in an isolated, non-media bubble to not know that Twilight was one of the most anticipated movies of the summer of 2010.

Some movies fail to reach entertainment super-stardom because they may not have been marketed properly. The 1999 classic comedy, Drop Dead Gorgeous failed to make a splash on the big screen despite an enormously talented cast including: Kristie Alley, Denise Richards, Kirsten Duns, Ellen Barking, Allison Janney and Brittany Murphy. Drop Dead Gorgeous was one of those movies that failed to score big at the box-office, but found a cult following via the movie’s release on video.

Movies that are marketed properly by the many affiliate programs that handle marketing duties, tend to find more success at the box-office.

Movies that have an exceptional trailer tend to do well at the box office. With the leap forward in green-screen technology and animation effects, movies with explosive and gripping trailers tend to almost force their audiences to the theatre to see if the movies are as good as the trailer.

George Lucas is a director who capitalized on the Star Wars movies he made. Lucas’s movies centered around the battle of good and evil and came along originally during a time when his special effects prompted lovers of movies to attend all six releases. Some were so enamored with the enormous success of the movies, they even went back to see the original movies, episodes four, five and six when they were digitally remastered.

The entertainment industry is filled with dozens of movies that have made a life-long impression on lovers of movies.

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