When it comes to dramatic, over-the-top movie break-ins, no one does it better than Hollywood producers. They have created some of the most astonishing intrusions ever. While truth is often stranger than fiction, which may not be so where film break-ins are concerned. This article will make you think about a security choice that is reliable, to ensure these crazy intrusions won’t happen to you. See if any of the following film break-ins linger in your memory.

7. The Italian Job

This 2003 remake of the 1969 original features an all-star cast intent on performing the heist of their lives, making their getaway with thousands of pounds of gold by designing cars which will handle the load. Oh, and the cars are small enough to be driven on the sidewalks, which is handy since the robbers have intentionally created the largest traffic jam in Los Angeles history.

While that tactic keeps the auto-bound cops from showing up on the scene, remember the police love to fly around in helicopters, too! Dodging the sky police comes with its own challenges. Plot twists abound in this caper, leading to the resolution of its overriding revenge theme.

6. Gattaca

When the space program of the future only accepts candidates with perfect DNA, Vincent and his birth defects are not welcome. However, his only dream is to enter space. Undeterred by genetics, he becomes a borrowed ladder – an identity thief – to perform the ultimate break-in. He manages to land a job at the top security outfit, where genetics testing is conducted daily on all employees at the facility.

At first, this job is with a nighttime cleaning crew. By learning the secrets of the building, he is in position to make his move. Assuming the identity of a willing paraplegic in exchange for companionship and money, Vincent fools everyone except himself into believing that he’s a perfect specimen.

By maintaining rigorous attention to carefully laying pieces of the borrowed DNA around his workspace, his true identity seems a safe secret. His daily attendance, where he is privileged to view each rocket launch from the ‘inside,’ seems likely to land him in space. That is, until the mission director is found dead. Who did it, and why? Find out in this taut thriller.

5. Bonnie and Clyde

Sometimes even Hollywood has been upstaged, and the best break-ins are stories told about real life people. Bonnie and Clyde were a pair of real-life bank robbers whose names became synonymous with heists during the Great Depression. This movie based on their true story includes bits of humor and plenty of bullets flying as the duo aim to get rich, and kill some people, or die trying.

4. Return of the Jedi

Breaking into the impenetrable Death Star heavily manned by storm troopers seems like a suicide mission. But with an old code and an enemy spaceship hard won through battle, a small gang of friends representing the rebel alliance intends to perform a necessary break-in in space to disarm the Death Star from the inside.
This will lay the way for its necessary destruction. But when Darth Vader senses the presence of the rebels, their entire mission appears compromised. Will the Death Star remain fully operational? Not only does this movie tell a compelling story, but it also ends a series of six interconnected Star Wars films.

3. Point Break

Notable for its depiction of a gang of four pals who rob banks in a highly synchronized, surgical fashion while wearing masks of presidents past, the irony alone provides an extra star on any movie rating of this film. Add in a lot of scenes of adrenaline-fueled living, including fall-and-you-die surfing, and this caper will hold you glued to the screen. Or at least hitting ‘pause’ on your bathroom break! 

2. Killing Zoe

It’s no easier to rob banks in Paris than in America, as this taut thriller demonstrates. However, Paris demands a different style than the U.S., which the cast fully provides, starting out with their Mardi Gas style masks.
When the gang starts shooting uncooperative bank customers during the heist, it’s going to get ugly enough that even a mask won’t help. Killing Zoe has an unusual plot twist based on the idea of romance formed both before, and during, a high-adrenaline day.

1. Home Alone

When a series of freak events leaves eight-year-old Kevin McCallister inside the family home while every other family member has boarded a plane for a family holiday, it looks too good to be true for the boy. He runs around exploring and examining the house much as any kid might do when first finding an unusually busy home completely empty for the first time.

When two house robbers – whose tactic is to hit empty houses – decide to break into the home, they are at first fooled by Kevin into thinking that the McCallister family is still there. Realizing they’ve been duped by a child, they begin their attack.

Things look bad for Kevin, but he manages to lay a series of traps, remaining one up on the burglars. That is until they manage to get him trapped in his parents’ room. Can he lay another trap, or will outside help finally arrive? Find out by watching the ultimate break-in movie!


Not every break-in is about stealing money. Nor is every break-in a well-planned endeavor. This broad assortment of genre-bending classics is worth viewing again and again. Watch the various missions from the inside or the outside: the perspectives are different in this smattering of films!