All great movies need to be marketed properly to ensure their success at the box office. Take the Twilight movies for example. Eclipse was released in the summer of 2010 and you would have to be hidden in an isolated, non-media bubble to not know that Twilight was one of the most anticipated movies of the summer of 2010.

Some movies fail to reach entertainment super-stardom because they may not have been marketed properly. The 1999 classic comedy, Drop Dead Gorgeous failed to make a splash on the big screen despite an enormously talented cast including: Kristie Alley, Denise Richards, Kirsten Duns, Ellen Barking, Allison Janney and Brittany Murphy. Drop Dead Gorgeous was one of those movies that failed to score big at the box-office, but found a cult following via the movie’s release on video.

Movies that are marketed properly by the many affiliate programs that handle marketing duties, tend to find more success at the box-office.

Movies that have an exceptional trailer tend to do well at the box office. With the leap forward in green-screen technology and animation effects, movies with explosive and gripping trailers tend to almost force their audiences to the theatre to see if the movies are as good as the trailer.

George Lucas is a director who capitalized on the Star Wars movies he made. Lucas’s movies centered around the battle of good and evil and came along originally during a time when his special effects prompted lovers of movies to attend all six releases. Some were so enamored with the enormous success of the movies, they even went back to see the original movies, episodes four, five and six when they were digitally remastered.

The entertainment industry is filled with dozens of movies that have made a life-long impression on lovers of movies.