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Drug Addiction Recovery Programs Helping Many in the Entertainment Industry

News from the world of movies and entertainment can often be a recapitulation of an artist’s latest brush with the law. Entertainment magazine shows like Entertainment Tonight or E-Hollywood True Story, are quick to report wrongdoing from high-profile stars that make movies.

Whether it’s Lindsay Lohan’s latest arrest or entertainment specialist’s like Bobby Brown or Whitney Houston, the news from those in the public eye can be overblown, and often have a devastating impact on careers.

The list of those entertainers who have battled addictions to drugs and alcohol is long and shows no preference for skin color or whether the performer sings or works in the movies. For years, the entertainment industry followed the trials and tribulations of actor, Robert Downy Jr., as he battled his personal demons with drugs.

And the entertainers aren’t just those in the movies or singing industry. Tennis phenom Jennifer Capriati earned early accolades on the tennis court, turning pro at age 14, before succumbing to cocaine and alcohol addiction several years later.

Many of these celebrities reach a point where they must spend time in drug addiction recovery programs before they are able to return to being the entertainers they were before being gripped with addiction issues.

Some find lasting success! Robert Downy Jr. returned from the brink of an extinct entertainment career, and now finds himself drug free and enjoying some of the finest success of his career. Capriati, returned from her teenage drug addiction issues to star on the tennis court. Capriati was able to capture three, grand-slam titles in the latter stages of her career, winning two Australian Opens and one French Open Championship.

Although the list of entertainers that have addiction problems is long, some battle these tendencies throughout their lives. Capriati retired from tennis in 2004, but resurfaced in the entertainment world in 2010 with news of a failed overdose.

Watch Movies on AT&T Wireless Coverage, Netflix, and More

The summer is winding down and the busiest season for movies is coming to an end for 2010. This summer has had some blockbuster films like Toy Story 3, Inception and Iron Man 2; movies like Inception or Iron Man 2 may be worth viewing on the big screen for the special effects. Other movies may seem interesting for a diversion but not for the $10 to $20 price tag admission price. What are some other ways to catch films that may be less expensive than going to the first-run theater?

Matinees and midnight showings can provide some price relief. However, another way to catch a movie is to find a second-run theater in your area. You can see a movie that was released earlier during the year but at a discount price. At the LaGrange Theatre in Chicago, no movie is more than $5.50; the Hollywood Theatre in Syracuse is another one where the tickets cost a whopping $1.75!

DVD or pay-per-view TV is another option. Netflix has a contract with Relativity Media where movies now get streamed directly to customers instead of to pay-per-view. Amazon OnDemand offers a few pre-theatrical release movies while Time Warner OnDemand offers first-run indie movies for premium subscribers.

Smartphone users can view movies from their phones. Netflix can also stream movies to a phone for on-the-go viewing. Blockbuster started allowing some Smartphone users to download movies on the same day as the DVD release. MSpot allows multiple types of users to stream movies as well. This means with AT&T wireless coverage, you can watch recent movies directly from your phone when you want.

Even if the cost of a subscription for a movie is about the same as a first-run theater, since the popcorn and drinks are probably less expensive, these options offer good entertainment without the investment.

The Benefits or Property Management

Real estate has always been a good investment. No matter the social or economic climate, a piece of property is always useful especially in a dense urban or suburban area where a single tract may house many individuals. But, operating a piece of property, especially one with multiple tenants and/or large facilities, can be a drain to those who aren’t properly prepared. That’s why contracting a company skilled in property management is beneficial to both your sanity and the bottom line.

Of the many responsibilities inherent in the daily operations of a residential facility, physical operations is one of the most demanding. Utilities can be compounded by the hundreds, with water, sewer, electric, and cable lines crisscrossing the property and buildings. Add in the structural upkeep, heating and cooling systems, and care to any grounds therein and you have a titanic job. A property management company takes care of these burdens for you by contracting out labor skilled in the various requisite fields, leaving you free to reap the rewards of ownership.

Bookkeeping is a task that eludes many, but one that is necessary to the successful operation of any apartment complex or condominium. Rent and various fees must be collected from tenants, while taxes and, possibly, some utilities must be paid out by the owner/s. A skilled accountant or bookkeeper working for the property management firm of you choice will ably dot the i’s, cross the t’s, and always carry the remainder.

While you may be skilled in one or more of these fields, for there are many more not discussed, often a small deficiency can lead to costly problems. That is why an adept property management firm will keep you ahead of the game even if they only handle a portion of the workload.

Know What You’re Paying For

To make sure your money is going where you want it to, it’s smart to have a good grasp on your finances. Companies are getting more creative in finding backdoor loopholes to charge you more than you may realize. To keep the most money possible in your pocket, become informed about what companies are charging you and whether you want to give it to them or not.

With credit cards, there are many fees you may not realize if you don’t read your statements carefully. Even if you pay your balance in full every month and do not accrue the sky high interest rates, you may be charged excessive annual fees as well as late fees that will jack up your interest rates exponentially, even if you initially had a low interest rate. Airlines charge fees for bags, food, in flight entertainment, and more. Cell phone bills have many fees that make your final bill more than the amount you were quoted when you signed up. Banks have gotten in on the fee tacking game too so be sure that you know the policies associated with your accounts and your bank in general. Some banks charge for talking to a teller, calling customer service, using ATM’s, and even if you have an overdraft savings account or line of credit, you may be charged huge fees for bouncing a check or debit payment, which hits especially hard if you have done multiple transactions without knowing you were overdrawn.

If you run into a short term jam like realizing that you may be overdrawn, payday loans can help you avoid the multiple fees if you only need to use them occasionally. Do the math to see which of the fees is lower and if that helps you out. Make sure to always read the fine print and shop around so that you know where your money is going.

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