Unbelievably, “Jackass 3-D” is set to take the title of record opening sales for the month of October, for all time. Is this a likely coincidence or is it just what the public needed?

Riding the 3-D Wave
It seems like every new movie being released is also being released in 3-D. And, the Jackass franchise is no exception. This group of quirky guys excels in sadistic and masochistic behavior that leaves audiences rolling in the aisles. Unlike many movies that are shot with traditional cameras and then reformatted to show in 3-D, the newest Jackass installment was shot from the start with 3-D cameras and produced to give the maximum 3-D effect. 3-D may well be a fad, but for the time being audiences are lining up to see jet skis or portable toilets flying toward them and leaping off the screen.

Stress Relief
Movies are often a source of stress relief, and this movie is providing ample opportunity to laugh and forget about your problems. Sure, 3-D movies typically charge more per ticket, but you’re guaranteed a movie experience. And, paying a little bit extra for a movie ticket doesn’t seem to be deterring the public. Nonetheless, the price of admission is a small price to pay for the wonderful healing experience of continuous laughter.

With no pretense of any real plot, “Jackass 3-D” offers audiences an escape from reality. Traditional movies rely heavily on the plot for character development and for sustaining moments of dramatic tension. Some movies have such complicated plots that you leave the theater muttering about what actually happened. This is not the case with this movie. Familiar characters, sometimes in strange clothing, doing what they do best. Nothing to think or wonder about; just good old-fashioned, painful slapstick.