The Oscars always offer a great opportunity to throw an out-of-this-world party. Being unable to attend the event itself is no barrier to having fun and partying like the stars. If you want to invite friends and family over to watch the Academy Awards, why not do it in style?
Of course, a television set with a large screen is a necessity. The viewing area can be in a separate room to allow the guests to mingle. Some will just chat with friends instead of watching the entire show. Here’s how to host the best Oscar party ever:
1. The Dress Code
Decide early on if you’re going the whole nine yards and having everyone dress in evening gowns and tuxes. If you’re going formal, make the occasion fun by including a red carpet and having an announcer meet guests at the door. Each guest can be announced with a fun tidbit thrown in. 
2. Décor/Setting
It helps to decorate with style and flair. Use an awards statue as a centerpiece; these can be purchased online or in costume stores. Add to the theme by putting up movie posters, or better yet, use posters of movies that are up for awards.
Make the place comfy with enough seats and cushions for comfortable viewing. Use props and label them to indicate which movie they were used in to add to the authenticity. Finding props isn’t hard; you can buy them or use something available at home. Finish up with sound tracks from your favorite movies as background music.
3. Invitations
Invitations can be sent in the mail and can be as fancy as you wish. Let the type of party and your budget determine the quality of the material used. Even if it’s a posh affair, invitations can also be sent online.
4. The Menu
If the party is formal, the menu should reflect this. Serve both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. You can up the tempo by creating a unique drink or two and naming them based on your Oscar picks. Bite-size snacks are ideal since there will be a lot of TV watching. Of course, you should have popcorn on hand.
5. Have Swag Bags
Swag bags with goodies are great for any Oscar party. This doesn’t have to cost much. Ideas include chocolates, sweets, popcorn and small movie-inspired items such as wall decals.
6. Play Movie Trivia Games
Provide ballots for guests to pick their Oscar winners. Trivia games can involve nominees from the year’s crop of hopefuls. Prizes like movie soundtracks or DVDs of past Academy winners can be given to winners.
7. Hand out Oscars
Have Oscar statuette replicas on hand to give to those with the most correct predictions. This will be the perfect finish to a great time with friends.
As you can see, there is nothing stopping you from having a fantastic Oscar party. Hosting a party like the stars can be enjoyable on a small budget. Why should the celebs have all the fun?