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The Biggest Loser: down to three, almost

Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” there was one more weigh-in before the live finale this coming Tuesday night. The final four would have one more opportunity to reach that finale and have a shot at the title, while two of them would be subject to a vote by all of us to determine if they deserve to be or should be in the running for it all.

The episode began with each contestant going home for 60 days after being on the ranch for a few months, and after showing a bunch of fluff with families and once again seeing Danny as a “rock star” from when he was like 17, seeing Curtis Stone cook for Danny and his family, and having the trainers visit each contestant at home and coach them a bit (we know there is more than coaching going on between Bob and Amanda)–it was time for the big jolt. That they would each be going back to Los Angeles to run a full marathon before weighing in one more time. Yikes. They did this last season and my legs wanted to buckle while sitting on my couch. But if Big Ron from last season could walk it, anyone could.

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The Biggest Loser: Helen Phillips speaks out about her big win

It seems like nobody expected Helen Phillips to be crowned “The Biggest Loser” on the NBC hit reality series that concluded its season this past Tuesday night. But Helen endured several obstacles–her age, for one, of 48, and a near-elimination a few weeks prior in which fierce competitor Kristin was sent home instead. Helen also joined this season with her daughter, Shannon, and while many viewers are still angry that Shannon was sent home early in the season instead of Helen, Helen proved to everyone that she had what it takes to win.

We had the chance to participate in a conference call with Helen on Wednesday, and learned a bit about how she trained at home and lost 32 pounds there, her plans for the future, and on how she flew just barely under everyone’s radar to stay in contention and then take home the $250K grand prize.

“I kept my mouth shut and flew low under the radar I guess,” said Helen. “I don’t know….maybe they just looked at me and said oh you know what, she’s 48, she’s not going to make it. And they never considered me a threat.”

That allowed Helen to quietly train like crazy, which she did for six hours a day back home in Lansing, Michigan with trainers at her son’s high school, and to beat the other two finalists–Tara, 24 and Mike, 18–both of whom are half her age or more.

“I was actually working them (trainers) out at the end,” added Helen. “My trainers couldn’t keep up with me. These are big football coaches, it was hilarious. And I was laughing and I’m like, I’d look at them as we were working out together and I’m like, ‘I’m going to win this thing.'”

This, even though Tara had never fallen below the yellow line, and had won a record twelve challenges on the ranch.

“I knew when I got home that I was working so hard and that I was so dedicated and so driven that I just – like something inside of me clicked,” she said. “And I thought to myself, there was a reason why I didn’t win anything else because I was meant to win the big one.”

Now, after relaxing a bit and not having to work out six hours a day, Helen plans to spend some quality time with her husband, and of course, with Shannon, who also factor’s into Helen’s career plans. “(I’m going to do some) motivational speaking and I’m hoping that my daughter and I can open up a spin/wellness center – spin cycle/wellness center in Michigan,” she said.

So 48-year-old Helen is the Biggest Loser, and 64-year-old Jerry won the $100K prize for losing the most weight at home. Congratulations to them both, as well as to everyone who took part in this season’s “Biggest Loser: Couples.” We’ll report more information about the next season of the show when we have it. Thanks for reading!

The Biggest Loser: An “Evil Empire” final four

One thing is for sure with this season of “The Biggest Loser” on NBC….every time I decide to pull for someone, they wind up below the yellow line and get voted off. Every time! So we went from five down to four last night, and next week will be extremely interesting….but more on that in a few paragraphs.

At the start, they showed the remaining five after Kristin was eliminated, with Filipe clearly keeping his mouth shut but clearly pissed at Ron’s “Godfather” gameplay. Mikey correctly said his dad was “playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers.” Then trainer Bob Harper asked Ron point blank if he talked Mikey into voting Kristin off, and Ron flat-out lied to Bob’s face the way he lied to Alison’s face after Kristin was sent packing. Bob was pissed.

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The Biggest Loser: “Godfather” Ron is a liar

Last night on “The Biggest Loser,” the episode began with Kristin jumping for joy that she avoided elimination and that Laura went home with her hip injury. Kristin, however, was feeling confident now that she could possibly win, but also feeling like maybe she shouldn’t get too excited. Tara, meanwhile, was so upset about Laura getting voted off and that everyone would be trying to take her out now. Well, duh. Suck it up, Tara! Jillian told her as much, saying that Laura being sent home was good for Laura, and that this isn’t about Tara. She also told Tara that it’s a good thing to be the one everyone is gunning for.

Then they had a game show type challenge with the editor of Good Housekeeping, in which the contestants had to answer nutrition related questions. It came down to Mike and Kristin, and the tiebreaker was having to guess the number of calories in a fast food fish sandwich without going over. Kristin guessed like 400 and Mikey guessed 635, and the actual amount was 640. Wow! So Mikey won, but then the fact that some of the competitors didn’t do so well angered Bob Harper to the point of him wanting his team to videotape a day of their eating habits.

They showed Mikey doing a product placement with plastic bags, and he said that when he goes to college, he’ll be able to cook chicken breasts in these plastic bags in his dorm. Which made me think of something–what exactly is going to happen to Mikey when he discovers beer? I’m just sayin’!

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