Last night on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser,” there was one more weigh-in before the live finale this coming Tuesday night. The final four would have one more opportunity to reach that finale and have a shot at the title, while two of them would be subject to a vote by all of us to determine if they deserve to be or should be in the running for it all.

The episode began with each contestant going home for 60 days after being on the ranch for a few months, and after showing a bunch of fluff with families and once again seeing Danny as a “rock star” from when he was like 17, seeing Curtis Stone cook for Danny and his family, and having the trainers visit each contestant at home and coach them a bit (we know there is more than coaching going on between Bob and Amanda)–it was time for the big jolt. That they would each be going back to Los Angeles to run a full marathon before weighing in one more time. Yikes. They did this last season and my legs wanted to buckle while sitting on my couch. But if Big Ron from last season could walk it, anyone could.

So while showing the race, Rudy and Amanda jumped out in front and slowed down a few times but never really stopped. Along the way, they had help and encouragement from Rudy’s former teammate Dina and last season’s finalist Tara. Meanwhile, Danny and Liz, also teammates from Day 1, stuck together the whole time, had help from their spouses and met up with Helen and Mike from last season at the end. Danny almost quit several times but hung in there and in the end they all finished in decent times–between 5 and 7 hours. Good for them!

Then it was time to weigh in, and Alison Sweeney told them that the two of them above the yellow line were going to be competing for the title of The Biggest Loser on December 8, while the other two would be subject to America’s online vote. Liz went first and lost 16 pounds, or 8.08%. Amanda was next and lost 16 as well, which was 8.6%, to give her a slight edge over Liz. Danny was next, and Alison told him he needed to lose 24 pounds to stay above the line. Dude looks THIN….Mrs. Mike said “50 pounds” before the number on the scale came up–59. Danny has now lost 201 total pounds and in the 60 days lost 20.49%, putting him in first by a mile and guaranteeing Danny a chance at the grand prize. Then it was Rudy, who also looks great…..Rudy lost 43, or 14.53%, pushing Amanda below the line with Liz.

So just like we hoped and expected, this will be a battle between Danny and Rudy, though Danny keeps losing just a bit more than Rudy each week. The third spot will be between Amanda and Liz, and they each pleaded their case to us all at the close of the show. Of course, Amanda did that whole “America voted me in, now vote me into the finale…blah blah blah.” I’m sorry Amanda, I’m voting for Liz. We need her to have a shot at the $250K to get her and Jimmy off that farm in the middle of nowhere in Tennessee (trust me, I live in TN…Chapel Hill is the middle of nowhere!). But either way, whoever loses that vote still has a shot at the $100K “at home” prize. So maybe we still get Liz and Jimmy off the farm. (Oh, and let’s also take up a collection to buy Rudy and his wife a new TV….it’s not 1989 anymore guys, and that screen was as big as my computer screen!).

So here we go, folks….the season finale is upon us next Tuesday night. I’m really pulling for Danny but would have no problem with Rudy or Liz winning. I don’t want Amanda to win….I’m not sure why, I just don’t….what do you all think? See you next week!