Last night on “The Biggest Loser,” the episode began with Kristin jumping for joy that she avoided elimination and that Laura went home with her hip injury. Kristin, however, was feeling confident now that she could possibly win, but also feeling like maybe she shouldn’t get too excited. Tara, meanwhile, was so upset about Laura getting voted off and that everyone would be trying to take her out now. Well, duh. Suck it up, Tara! Jillian told her as much, saying that Laura being sent home was good for Laura, and that this isn’t about Tara. She also told Tara that it’s a good thing to be the one everyone is gunning for.

Then they had a game show type challenge with the editor of Good Housekeeping, in which the contestants had to answer nutrition related questions. It came down to Mike and Kristin, and the tiebreaker was having to guess the number of calories in a fast food fish sandwich without going over. Kristin guessed like 400 and Mikey guessed 635, and the actual amount was 640. Wow! So Mikey won, but then the fact that some of the competitors didn’t do so well angered Bob Harper to the point of him wanting his team to videotape a day of their eating habits.

They showed Mikey doing a product placement with plastic bags, and he said that when he goes to college, he’ll be able to cook chicken breasts in these plastic bags in his dorm. Which made me think of something–what exactly is going to happen to Mikey when he discovers beer? I’m just sayin’!

Then came the big challenge, which was another terrifying game in which each contestant would be lifted 45 feed in the air in a cage, by a crane. Are you kidding me? They had to hold on to a single rope, giving those with upper body strength the advantage. Well, unless you’re Tara, who we all know is going to win every challenge. Tara made some comment about not having the upper body strength of everyone else, and that there was no way she was winning this one. Yeah, right. Of course, I was right, Tara was wrong and she won again. All I have to say about that is “ANNOYING!” I really wanted Tara to be below the line this week so everyone would vote her off once and for all.

Then they showed Bob reviewing the video of Ron, Kristin and Filipe eating their daily meals….and Bob was pissed because his team was not eating enough calories. That’s a good lesson for those of you doing this at home…if you are working out intensely, you need fuel in the form of lean protein, good carbs and good fat. Lettuce and carrot sticks won’t do it.

Then they showed Mikey getting upset with Jillian, but his frustration had been buidling up. Mikey admitted that he needed to talk to Ron about why Ron ballooned up to over 400 pounds and never did anything about it, and why he let both his sons do the same. Ron took it like a man, and admitted he shouldn’t have let it come to this.

Then came the weigh in and Tara shocked everyone by choosing the prize of $10,000 instead of a one-pound advantage at this weigh-in. Host Allison Sweeney played with Tara’s mind, and asked Tara again if she wanted the money before stepping on the scale. Tara said yes, and she weighed in, losing 5 pounds. She breathed a sigh of relief, knowing she made the right call. And I have to watch her another week on the show, which means she is going to do two things–start crying and whining that everyone is gunning for her, and win another stupid challenge. Ugh.

Then Ron weighed in, and lost 4 pounds, putting him below 300 for the first time since he was like 12. Good for him, but maybe not….and more on that in a minute. Helen lost just one pound, putting her in danger of falling below the yellow line. Mike lost 8, Filipe 3 and then it was Kristin’s turn. Kristin, who was lucky to have stuck around another week, GAINED a pound. That put her at the bottom along with Helen.

Before everyone voted, Kristin was shown talking to Ron, and Ron re-iterated that he would never write Kristin’s name on a card, that he promised Kristin’s mom Cathy he would “protect” Kristin. However, this vote was going to come down to Ron’s son Mikey. If Mikey voted for Helen, Kristin would have three votes, because Filipe would surely vote for Helen and Ron would too. But if Mikey chose Kristin, the tiebreaker would send Kristin home because she gained weight this week. Ron then went to talk to his son, and told him he should vote Kristin off because she was a bigger threat…but he made it worse by saying that he should make sure Tara is on the same page. Wow. Ron was true to his own word, but he basically stabbed Kristin in the back. Not surprisingly, Tara voted for Kristin, Filipe voted for Helen, Ron voted for Helena and Mikey voted for Kristin. Alison asked Ron if he knew how Mikey was voting and Ron said “no.” Liar!!!!! This pisses me off for two reasons–one, because Ron was not protecting Kristin as he said he was…and two, because Ron made such a big deal about Filipe and Sione lying to his face a few weeks back. Well, Ron, the pot just called the kettle black. What a hypocrite, and what a douchebag.

I have lost all respect for Ron, and I’m losing respect for Mikey by the day. Mikey now is practically declaring himself as the Biggest Loser, and Ron is trying to do everything possible to make that happen. Poor Kristin, because she trusted those guys. Now, I am pulling for either Filipe, or, by default, even Tara. At least we know they are both good, honest people. Ron and Mike are backstabbers, and Helen sent her own daughter home.

They showed Kristin at home and she was giving a speech inspiring others about her own journey on the show. How awesome. And so far she has lost 132 pounds, and I hope Kristin wins the $100K prize. As for Ron, I hope he woke up this morning with a horse head in his bed. I know Kristin probably watched at home last night and found out the real truth about Ron and Mike.

So now we’re down to five–Ron, Mike, Tara, Helen and Filipe. I feel like the good people who I want to win continually fall below the yellow line, and it’s pissing me off. But I’m changing my tune on Tara, and fast. Either way, we are barreling toward the finale…just a few more episodes!