One thing is for sure with this season of “The Biggest Loser” on NBC….every time I decide to pull for someone, they wind up below the yellow line and get voted off. Every time! So we went from five down to four last night, and next week will be extremely interesting….but more on that in a few paragraphs.

At the start, they showed the remaining five after Kristin was eliminated, with Filipe clearly keeping his mouth shut but clearly pissed at Ron’s “Godfather” gameplay. Mikey correctly said his dad was “playing chess while everyone else was playing checkers.” Then trainer Bob Harper asked Ron point blank if he talked Mikey into voting Kristin off, and Ron flat-out lied to Bob’s face the way he lied to Alison’s face after Kristin was sent packing. Bob was pissed.

Then Alison had the final 5 face a big-screen TV of their journey so far, and didn’t we all just see this a few weeks ago? Come on…this show needs to be an hour, tops. Then Tara, Helen and Mikey put on “skinny outfits” they brought with them, and all impressed each other, blah blah blah. Then they all went to visit Dr. H and surprise, they are all healthier, blah blah blah. Not to disrespect the show or Dr. H, but tell me something I don’t know. Still, good for them.

Then came the challenge, in which the contestants had to pile their original weight back onto themselves and traverse giant sand hills. I am out of breath just writing that. The winner would have, like last week, the choice of a one-pound advantage or $10K…but this time, because the producers are on to Tara and know she will win, the second-place finisher would win the prize Tara didn’t choose. Ooh, good thinking guys! As always, Tara fell behind the pack and then caught up and blew past Mikey and Filipe and won by a mile or more. Then Mikey and Filipe went to find Ron on hill #6 and helped him the rest of the way. Don’t think that’s going to help you in this game, Filipe.

Before the last chance workout, it was “train the trainer” and everyone had a chance to torture Bob and Jillian, which was pretty funny, especially as Bob repeatedly said “Shut up, Filipe!” After the workout it was weigh-in time. Tara chose a one-pound advantage, happily giving Mikey $10,000. Then Alison interviewed both trainers as well as every contestant, something Mrs. Mike and I forwarded through.

Ron went first and lost an astonishing 9 pounds, but would it be enough? Filipe was next and lost 10 pounds, or over 4% of Filipe. He went “Wooooooohhh!!” and I did it along with him, because I was now pulling for this guy. Helen went next and lost 7 pounds, and has crossed the 100-pound weight loss plateau…but more importantly, she was for the moment in first place. Then Mikey went and lost 11 pounds, and now I was fearing for Filipe, because at this point he and Ron were at the bottom. It was down to Tara, who pulled an 8-pound loss, 9 pounds with the one-pound advantage. That put her in the lead, and pushed Filipe and Ron below the line. Dammit! That clearly meant Filipe was going home, because he was “the bigger threat.”

Now we all know Mikey was going to vote for Filipe and not his dad, so it came down to Helen and Tara. They both rambled on about the game but that it was such a tough decision, blah blah blah. But come on, we all knew which way they would vote. Filipe went on and on about how they shouldn’t vote off the big threat, that they should welcome the competition, but that didn’t matter…Mikey and Helen voted for Filipe and that was it. I’m sure Tara’s vote went that way as well, but it didn’t matter.

The good here….everyone in the final five has lost 100 pounds or more. The bad…we have a final four of two evil gameplayers, an cruel mother who sent her daughter home early in the competition and who has a tequila-swilling habit, and a girl who keeps rambling about how much she believes in herself now and who wins EVERY FREAKING CHALLENGE there is. By default, I have to pull for Tara now…she is in no way a blatant gameplayer, she is just tough and determined and does play the game, but quietly.

But like last season, the final show will not be a Final Four but a Final Three. There is one more weigh-in, after which America will vote off one of two who fall below the yellow line. Yes! After everyone goes home for 30 days and comes back to weigh in, we will all have a chance to make an impact. Nothing would bum The Godfather out more than Mikey not making the finale, so here’s hoping Mikey falls below the line with Tara so we can all vote Mikey off and Ron can’t throw the finale. Even if Ron and Mikey fall below the line, I implore you all to vote Mikey off..he’s become incredibly cocky, knows his dad has protected him the whole time, and Ron and his lying, self-righteous self should hurt the way he made Kristin hurt.

I’ve said what I had to say…we’ll see how it plays out….and please leave your comments below!