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American Idol Season 9: 12 finalists revealed

“American Idol” got down from 16 contestants to 12 last night, in effect reaching the “magical” Top 12 final round. From here on out, everyone will perform on one night and the results, with one person being eliminated each week, will be announced the following night. There were a few surprises last night, and probably two that America really got correct. As Seacrest would say, “dim the lights, here we go….”

The show opened with the Top 16 singing their ridiculous weekly group number, this week a Michael Buble song that I’m happy to report I’ve never heard before. Then Ryan announced that next week the contestants will be choosing songs by The Rolling Stones. I’m pretty excited about this….it doesn’t get any more legendary in rock than the Stones, and it should be fun trying to guess who will sing what.

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American Idol: All the Lovely Ladies

Greetings, “American Idol” aficionados! I’ll be your guest blogger today, as Mr. Farley had plans which necessitated that someone step in for him on either “The Biggest Loser” or “AI,” and although I’m far from a regular viewer of either series, you don’t need to have been following “AI” to tune in and offer your opinions about the performances. Besides, before I got this sweet gig as a TV critic, I spent more than a decade writing almost exclusively about music, so it’s not like I don’t have a frame of reference to the topic at hand. (You kids are still listening to Marcy Playground and DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince, right?)

We’re into the Top 16 now, of course, and last night was all about the ladies, with each of the eight female contestants getting their chance in the spotlight. I think it’s fair to say that any episode which begins with Ellen DeGeneres sitting in Simon Cowell’s lap, seemingly basking in his scent, is going to be an interesting one. It was, as ever, a mixture of magnificent and mediocre, but you can get my impressions on the performances after the jump.

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American Idol: 3 out of 4 ain’t bad

One more correct, and Vegas would have been calling me this morning. I got three right in my picks for “American Idol” contestants to go home last night, and let’s recap how we got there……

First, the awful group number we have to endure each week. This time it was the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got a Feeling,” and as always it was just ridiculous. But hey, gotta stick to format, right?

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American Idol: ships passing in the night

Yeah, “Ships passing in the night” is a weird title for a recap of “American Idol.” But what I mean is, some of the ladies’ performances on Wednesday were incredible or at least really good, while others were worse than last week. Some of the women keep climbing, while others are barely hanging on and risk falling off the ladder entirely tonight. Now that I’ve explained myself, let’s get on to the recap of the performances….

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American Idol: semi-shocking elimination

Well, I said this morning that I thought Jermaine should be the first guy getting booted off “American Idol” but that nothing would surprise me. Still, I was kind of surprised by a couple of the results tonight. Here is how it all went down…..

First, the awful group number….a jazzy, horrible song I think called “American Boy.” Blech. Most of the contestants looked bored, lost, or indifferent. Yes, it was epic bad.

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