Well, I said this morning that I thought Jermaine should be the first guy getting booted off “American Idol” but that nothing would surprise me. Still, I was kind of surprised by a couple of the results tonight. Here is how it all went down…..

First, the awful group number….a jazzy, horrible song I think called “American Boy.” Blech. Most of the contestants looked bored, lost, or indifferent. Yes, it was epic bad.

Then, right to the results. Ryan Seacrest had the ladies sit in two rows on the stage. Siobhan was first, safe…..Haeley Vaughn…safe. No!!!!! I was sure she’d be ticketed home, but was wrong. Maybe next week…Michelle D’Alamor (who?), safe….Katelyn Epperly, safe…..down to Katie Stevens and Janell Wheeler. Ryan asked Randy Jackson which one he thought would be going home and Randy chickened out, saying it was too close to call. Um, duh, Randy….not in this case. Katie was safe….see ya Janell! Then Janell sang that Heart song again and dare I say it sounded better than Tuesday.

Alison Iraheta, one of last year’s finalists, came out and sang her new single, “Scars,” and she reminded all of the girls on stage what real pipes sound like. Man, can that girl sing. But what was up with that dress with wings? I’m not the type to pay attention to fashion, but when big black wings knock me in the head, I do.

Next up, front row….Paige Miles, safe…..Lacey Brown, safe. Nooooo!!!!….Lilly Scott, safe….Crystal Bowersox, safe….so it was down to Ashley Rodriguez and Didi Benami……Ryan asked Ellen what advice she would give them, and Ellen said something nice and gracious about this not being the end of their journey. So then, Didi was safe, Ashley, going home. Ryan then asked her, like a jackass, “WELL, what do you think?” She looked mighty annoyed and replied, “WELL, I think I’m gonna sing a song.” Ha! That was awesome. But I have to say, Ashley is so full of herself, and she really has nothing about her that says she can be her own artist, only a Jordin Sparks wanna-be. So see ya!

Then it was on to the guys….Michael Lynche, safe….John Park, safe. Noooooo!!!!! (are you sensing a pattern here? The second one in the row is always a shocker)…..Aaron Kelly, safe…..Todrick Hall, safe (take that, judges)….down to Tim Urban and Joe Munoz. Ryan asked Kara what she thought, and she said neither of these guys deserved to be going home. Okay….here we go…Tim, safe..Joe, going home. Tim looks shocked, but not as shocked as the rest of America….still, Joe really wasn’t a star.

Ryan then made the announcement about the April 21 “Idol Gives Back” episode, and then had last year’s winner, Kris Allen, talk about his recent trip to Haiti. Then Kris performed a super cool version of The Beatles’ “Let It Be,” of which you can download on iTunes with all proceeds going to relief efforts in Haiti. But after hearing Kris sing, and after hearing Kris follow Alison, I have to say…..these two put on a freaking clinic in how to sing and perform to the dudes and girls this season….and really, none of them are as talented as these two. Tonight was proof of it.

Back to the results…Casey James, safe….Jermaine Sellers, safe. Noooooo!!!!!! (I told you)…….Lee Dewyze, safe….Andrew Garcia, safe….so down to Tyler Grady and Alex Lambert. Ryan asks Simon what he thinks, and Simon says, that based purely on vocals, he thought Tyler would be the one to go home. Drum roll…..Alex is safe, Tyler going home. Alex is shocked, even more shocked than Tim, and I don’t blame him. I thought for sure Simon was wrong. Anyway, this just goes to show, this is a SINGING COMPETITION. Of course, Tyler took a shot at the judges on his way out, saying they gave him the criticism he needed last night, instead of during Hollywood week. Ha, nice one Grady.

So there you go…..Janell, Ashley, Joe and Tyler, going home. We still have much work to do to whittle the rest down…and a couple more three-days-of-Idol weeks to get there.

What do you think? Tell me in the space below and see you all next week!