One more correct, and Vegas would have been calling me this morning. I got three right in my picks for “American Idol” contestants to go home last night, and let’s recap how we got there……

First, the awful group number we have to endure each week. This time it was the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Got a Feeling,” and as always it was just ridiculous. But hey, gotta stick to format, right?

Then Ryan Seacrest got right to the results, starting with the guys….Tim Urban, safe. Todrick Hall, you must wait a few minutes to find out your fate. Michael Lynche, safe. Casey James, safe. Down to John Park and Todrick. Todrick, you’re safe, and you can thank Ryan for making you sweat. John Park, you may now go home to your vocal group Purple Haze, and pursue the dream of marrying Shania Twain…though she might like you less after seeing you butcher your performances the last two weeks. And thanks to TiVo, I didn’t have to watch any of the exit performances last night.

On to the front row…..Lee Dewyze Stapp, safe. Aaron Kelly Archuleta, safe. Alex Lambert Deer in the Headlights, safe. Down to Andrew Garcia Gokey and Jermaine Sellers Onesie. I had picked Jermaine, and I think so did America after watching that whole “onesie” thing unfold Tuesday night. Andrew, safe, Jermaine, see ya.

Then this week’s former Idol performance was by none other than last season’s Danny Gokey, who sang his new single, “MY Best Days Are Ahead of Me.” Gokey’s new album on RCA Nashville just came out this past Tuesday, so he’s in full on pimp mode right now. The song? Eh. But Gokey is still awesome.

Back to the results, and the ladies. My picks to go home were Lacey and Haeley, but I noticed that both were in the front row. Uh-oh. Lilly Scott, safe. Paige Miles, safe. Katie Stevens, safe. Down to Didi Benami and Michelle Delamor. I suddenly realized that if you asked me to name the 20 remaining contestants without looking, I probably would have forgotten about Michelle. There you go…Didi, safe, Michelle, not safe. Of course, you can’t possibly get votes for singing a Creed song, can you?

Next row. Katelyn Epperly, safe. Crystal Bowersox, safe, and let’s give her props again for not only climbing from a hospital bed and onto the stage, but also for delivering the performance of the season so far. Siobhan Magnus, safe. So it was down to Haeley Vaughn and Lacey Brown. Ryan asked Simon who he thought would go home, and Simon copped out, saying it was “obvious.” Um, not it’s not, Simon, they were both awful on Wednesday. The one going home….Haeley! We don’t have to watch those teeth anymore, but we do have to endure the underwhelming Lacey Brown one more week.

So there you go, folks….John, Jermaine, Haeley and Michelle….see ya!

Your final 16, America: Andrew Garcia, Todrick Hall, Aaron Kelly, Casey James, Michael Lynche, Alex Lambert, Lee Dewyze, Tim Urban, Katelyn Epperly, Siobhan Magnus, Paige Miles, Lilly Scott, Crystal Bowersox, Lacey Brown, Didi Benami and Katie Stevens. Early Vegas picks to go home next week…..Todrick, Tim, Lacey and Didi.

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