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Recipes for Longevity and Health: How Hollywood Stars Stay Fit


Many of us begin to think about maintaining health and youth only when we notice that they are irrevocably slipping away. Chronic fatigue, acquired diseases, as well as the emerging need for taking drugs such as Original Levitra, make you reconsider your lifestyle and give up some habits.

In an effort to maintain proper physical shape and excellent appearance for as long as possible, we often turn our eyes to Hollywood actors and other celebrities. How do they manage to retain energy and attractiveness until they are old? Is their flawless appearance natural or is it just the result of plastic surgery? – We think about these and similar issues very often.

The life of the actors is not as carefree as it sometimes seems to us. It is saturated and diverse. Irregular shooting schedules, lack of sleep, constant nervous tension and stress do not contribute to maintaining health. In addition, we have heard about the bad habits of some actors, their partying lifestyle. All this negatively affects health and appearance. And if the appearance problems can still be really solved with the help of a plastic surgeon, then problems with health are much more complicated.

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The Biggest Loser: Worst Case Scenario

The producers of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” have really done it now. Just when they bring in the heaviest contestants ever to show how people that big can lose weight too, they screw with the format of the show, and it winds up sending someone home far too early that really needs to be at the ranch. Are you people as annoyed as I am? Anyway, here is what when down last night on “The Biggest Loser: Couples.”

After the nine contestants were sent home last week to try and show America how easy it is to follow a weight loss regimen on your own, they showed some of them in real life adjusting, or not adjusting. Most disappointing was Dan, who weighs almost 400 pounds, not being able to find something healthier to eat than a few hot dogs.

Then host Alison Sweeney lined up everyone remaining at the ranch and made them stand on one side of a white line, then proceeded to bribe them with money to exit the show now. First $5000, then $10K, and finally $25K. Joelle was the only one seemingly enticed by money Continue reading »

Biggest Biggest Loser Season Ever Kicks Off Tuesday

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 8pm ET, the next season of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” begins, and it’s goes under the guise of “Biggest Loser: Couples.” They are calling it the “biggest” season ever, and that’s because this season features the heaviest contestants the show has ever seen. But a few weeks after Season 7 ended, Season 8 begins by doing what last season did….by throwing twists at us. I’m not saying twists are bad, but this show has a habit of confusing viewers, contestants and probably even host Alison Sweeney. And the problem with that is that it encourages the gameplay that was so prominent in Season 7 with Vicky and Heba trying to manipulate everyone else.

But I digress…..you’re going to feel like a stick figure when you watch this season opener tomorrow night. There is a 19-year old dude who weighs in at 454 pounds. Now, I’m currently trying to lose 10 pounds, but I weight about a third of what that guy weighs. Damn. And he’s only NINETEEN. That is a scary thing, America. Also, 63-year old Jerry collapses and you fear he’s having a heart attack…I don’t want you all to worry, so I’ll just tell you that Jerry is fine and continues after a short hospital visit.

The producers of this show know that they have a huge hit on their hands, especially when they air it in January when everyone is embarking on their own weight loss and fitness regimens. And while putting these (literally) larger than life contestants on is so shocking it makes for better TV, they need to seriously think about keeping the format of the show more conventional, thereby giving everyone a fair opportunity and not making us scratch our heads after each episode.

Anyway, that’s all I’ll say….come back here as we’ll recap each week’s episode the following morning!

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