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Biggest Biggest Loser Season Ever Kicks Off Tuesday

Tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 8pm ET, the next season of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” begins, and it’s goes under the guise of “Biggest Loser: Couples.” They are calling it the “biggest” season ever, and that’s because this season features the heaviest contestants the show has ever seen. But a few weeks after Season 7 ended, Season 8 begins by doing what last season did….by throwing twists at us. I’m not saying twists are bad, but this show has a habit of confusing viewers, contestants and probably even host Alison Sweeney. And the problem with that is that it encourages the gameplay that was so prominent in Season 7 with Vicky and Heba trying to manipulate everyone else.

But I digress…..you’re going to feel like a stick figure when you watch this season opener tomorrow night. There is a 19-year old dude who weighs in at 454 pounds. Now, I’m currently trying to lose 10 pounds, but I weight about a third of what that guy weighs. Damn. And he’s only NINETEEN. That is a scary thing, America. Also, 63-year old Jerry collapses and you fear he’s having a heart attack…I don’t want you all to worry, so I’ll just tell you that Jerry is fine and continues after a short hospital visit.

The producers of this show know that they have a huge hit on their hands, especially when they air it in January when everyone is embarking on their own weight loss and fitness regimens. And while putting these (literally) larger than life contestants on is so shocking it makes for better TV, they need to seriously think about keeping the format of the show more conventional, thereby giving everyone a fair opportunity and not making us scratch our heads after each episode.

Anyway, that’s all I’ll say….come back here as we’ll recap each week’s episode the following morning!

The Biggest Loser: It’s All About the Game

NBC’s “The Biggest Loser: Families” reached epic gameplay proportions last week when Phil told Brady they should band together to oust Heba. I thought it was B.S. personally, but it turns out Phil really did say that, but not with any kind of vicious intent. Well, he should have known better, becuase Brady and wife Vicky are all about the gameplay and earning an edge to win the grand prizes totaling $350K. So when the blue team lost last week and ousted Phil’s wife Amy, Phil was broken up about it for days. He also was broken up when the blue team confronted him in front of his teammates on the black team, who did show their support to Phil.

But first, blue team trainer Bob Harper was absolutely livid about his team sending Amy home and sensing some serious gameplay. He basically accused Vicky and Brady of it, saying that Brady’s 3 pound weight loss was “unheard of” and that something was afoot. Brady admitted he wasn’t eating every four hours like he was supposed to because he “wasn’t hungry.” Um, have you had a look at that dude? Guys that big are ALWAYS HUNGRY Continue reading »

The Biggest Loser: It’s About the Money

So you thought that NBC’s hit reality show “The Biggest Loser” was about losing weight? Not really. Not when you dangle a $250,000 grand prize and $100,000 more for the player who lost the most weight after being eliminated. That’s when contestants unfortunately resort to gameplay instead of focusing on the actual premise of the show, which is who can lose the most freaking weight! You heard me, Vicky. You heard me, Brady. You heard me, Heba. But more on that in a minute.

They began the show with initial activities of trapeze and climbing. Some of the contestants were terrified but overcame their fears. Then they all had to go see Dr. Huizenga again, and the results were better this time…many of them had added years to their lives in just this short time by losing all that weight so far.

Then came the challenge and it was a balancing act over a pool. And it was a blue vs. black team competition, but if anyone fell in the water, they had to wait until the other team completely fell overboard to get back up. The blue team, led by Vicky, said they weren’t interested in the prize, which was a video of their family back home. Are you kidding me? Continue reading »

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