The producers of NBC’s “The Biggest Loser” have really done it now. Just when they bring in the heaviest contestants ever to show how people that big can lose weight too, they screw with the format of the show, and it winds up sending someone home far too early that really needs to be at the ranch. Are you people as annoyed as I am? Anyway, here is what when down last night on “The Biggest Loser: Couples.”

After the nine contestants were sent home last week to try and show America how easy it is to follow a weight loss regimen on your own, they showed some of them in real life adjusting, or not adjusting. Most disappointing was Dan, who weighs almost 400 pounds, not being able to find something healthier to eat than a few hot dogs.

Then host Alison Sweeney lined up everyone remaining at the ranch and made them stand on one side of a white line, then proceeded to bribe them with money to exit the show now. First $5000, then $10K, and finally $25K. Joelle was the only one seemingly enticed by money, and the fact that she almost stepped over the line already says a lot about her and her chances on the show, but it gets worse for her. Her trainer Bob Harper talks to her to make sure Joelle is committed, and it seems like she is.

Then came the main challenge, which was a sea/land event where they had to peddle kayaks across a huge pond, and then climb up a huge hill to grab a flag. The winner would get immunity for a week, and the first four would get to call home. Tara and Blaine were neck and neck and after Blaine was done trash talking, his knees gave out and Tara won, followed by Blaine and Mandi and Helen. Jerry and Dan were last, and Dan was going to have a one-pound penalty at the weigh in for finishing last. But the fact that a 400-plus pound man could climb that hill was pretty inspiring. Then Tara did something really nice by transferring her phone call home to Felipe.

During the last chance workout, Bob was getting more and more angry with Joelle, who couldn’t seem to run on a treadmill for more than 20 seconds, while Bob wanted 30. Joelle made some comment that she was trying to put in as little effort as possible, something that is very ominous. Harper cussed and bleeped and made Jillian laugh in the process, but he got his message across eventually.

At the weigh in, Tara went first and only lost 1 pound. Gameplay since she had immunity? Probably not, since Week 2 is historically a plateau week on the show. Dane and Blaine lost a combined 30 pounds, Mandi 6, Helen 8, Mike and Ron a combined 19, Damien 9, Kristen 10, Felipe 9. Then Joelle’s turn, and no one was surprised at her 2 pound result. That put her in last along with Mandi, but then Jerry lost 1 pound and Dan 3 (subtracting one more pound for the penalty to give him 2). So it was Jerry and Dan on the chopping block and not Joelle. That is bad, very very bad. Because here you have the two players who need to be on the ranch the most, and the other contestants have to choose which one goes home along with their at-home teammate.

This is why I am livid with the producers of the show for putting that weird twist in the first episode. It’s so not fair. But sensing that Jerry would do well at home with his wife Estelle, it was just about unanimous for everyone to vote to keep Dan on the ranch. Whew. I think it was the right call, but I know Bob and everyone else there was hoping it would be the easy choice of Joelle.

They showed Jerry and Estelle at home and they are really doing nicely, Jerry having lost 84 pounds already. Good for them and I am already pulling for them to win the $100K in the finale.
Unless some new twist brings them both back on the show.

Sorry for the soapbox, but the producers mess with this show way too much and it sent the wrong person home last night. Still, we move on and the karma and lack of effort will get to Joelle. See you all next week!