March is almost halfway in, and the winter, both financial and seasonal, is receding at a fast pace. This spring, get ready for the return of a number of old trends that have caught on again. Short pants, boy shorts and tap pants are going to rule the legs of sexy models this spring. Hemlines are going north so quick its dazzling. Knee high and over the knee socks are becoming trendy. One of the more amazing of fashionable dresses includes the warrior dresses. Leather tunics, metal plating and other riffraff from tribal and military cultures are becoming the dress of the confident woman this year. Wear one of these Amazon dresses if you are trying to look like a sexy model.

Versace and Lanvin have both come out with new ways to show more legs without going for the micro-mini. A long dress with a very high split that almost touches your high hips is the trendy wear for those who have long, beautiful legs. I find this much sexier than a micro mini which leaves little to imagination.

Imagination is the key. If that was not so, why would any sexy model bother to wear clothes at all? Think about the trend this spring of sheer fabric and see through dress. They show off some, but hide some too – which makes men wonder about what might be beneath the dress. If everything were easily visible, much of the charm would have been lost. Designers seem to have caught on to this truth this spring. The dresses are coming out with more and novel methods of revealing a little and hiding a lot. If you are wanting to look sexy this year, that’s the method to adopt.