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“Hey, did you hear Obama’s gonna kill our grandmas?”

Jack Black is…Nathan Spewman, Professional Mis-Informant!

Or, at least, that’s the role he’s playing in a new series of videos that he and America Ferrera have filmed in order to show their support for HCAN (Healthcare For America NOW).

I’m very much of the “politics, schmolitics: funny is funny” mindset, so I’d laugh at these videos whether I agreed with the message it’s spreading or not, but the fact that they’re arguably the funniest thing Jack Black’s done since “Tropic Thunder” doesn’t hurt, either. Unsurprisingly, though, many are too busy grousing about the overall message of the videos to acknowledge their value as entertainment.

In an article on FoxNews.com, Patrick Dorinson, GOP communications strategist and founder/CEO of Dorinson Communications, was quoted as saying, “In 20 years, no one will remember these two ‘stars’ ever existed, but the debt we will pay for ObamaCare will still be here.” Having never really watched “Ugly Betty,” I can’t speak to Ferrara’s chances at career longevity, but given that Black has already been in the business for two decades, I think it’s fair to say that Dorison was really just scrambling to come up with something that would grab people’s attention.

Yeah, I know, there are people out there who really are stupid enough to vote for or against something just because Jack Black says they should. I’m not one of them, though. I’m just enjoying the laughs.

P.S. Don’t tell anybody, but Obama’s the Devil.

Weekend box office: “Alice” will be in the zone and out of everyone’s league

Johnny Depp is the Mad HatterYes, there really doesn’t seem to be any reason at all to think any of the four new major releases this weekend will come anywhere remotely near the grosses for the latest tentpole flick from Tim Burton, Johnny Depp, and company. That’s because last weekend saw the 3-D “Alice in Wonderland” earn an enormous $116 million, so even a gigantic drop would mean a rather huge second weekend by normal standards. And, as both Anne Thompson and Jolly Carl DiOrio seem to agree, the new competition isn’t incredibly strong.

The leading contender of those, however, appears to be the new movie from director Paul Greengrass and star Matt Damon, “Green Zone.” The publicity is doing everything it can to remind the audience that both of them worked on the last two Jason Bourne films. However, the film itself is a political thriller — never, I’m sorry to say, the strongest genre commercially. Oh, and it’s about the Iraq war, not a favorite topic of escape-seeking audiences, it appears. Indeed, the only thing worse commercially than a political thriller about an unpopular and still ongoing war is one with mediocre reviews.

Green Zone

Still, the Bourne connection, Damon’s appeal, and a bit of topicality may be good for something. About $14-16 million says Carl DiOrio, which may not be enough to support the film’s hefty price tag, he warns. Anne Thompson, also has some hints about what went might have gone wrong with the film. (Hint: Except perhaps on documentaries, it’s rarely a good thing when a director has to “find” the story in the editing room. It’s nice to have it in the screenplay, but I’m old fashioned that way.)

Like “Green Zone,” the primary commercial asset of “Remember Me” is its male lead. To a certain segment of the market, Robert Pattinson certainly kicks Damon’s box office keister, even if the “Twilight” pasty-factor is out of this picture. On the other hand, if a single unaccompanied male sees the weepy romantic/emotional drama which also features Emile de Raven and Pierce Brosnan, it’ll be a shock. Pretty much detested by David Medsker, this one didn’t exactly wow the mass of critics either. There’s also the matter of its ending, which has been leaked on the web and many find a kind of insult.

Jay Baruchel and Alice Eve in Under those circumstances, you might expect the seemingly Apatow-esque (but not Apatow-associated) guy-friendly romantic comedy, “She’s Out of My League” to do rather well. Like Apatow’s break-through film, “The 40 Year-Old Virgin,” it benefits from a premise, fully explained in the title, that plays to the kind of universal male insecurities that seem to make for commercial comedy gold. Still, though our own David Medsker found the film quite likable, the overall reviews are middling and the level of interest out in the world appears to be low.

So low is the interest in the comedy, in fact, that Carl DiOrio actually expects the abysmally reviewed comedy, “Our Family Wedding,” to make about $3 million more dollars than “League,” even though it’s in nearly thirteen hundred fewer theaters. Featuring actors who I’m sure deserve better, including Forest Whitaker, America Ferrera and Taye Diggs, as well as comedian Carlos Mencia (who absolutely does not deserve better), I’m not sure why people would want to see this. On the other hand, since when am I “people”?

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