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The Benefits of Watching Movies at Home


There’s no doubt that going to a movie theater to see a film is a really cool thing to do. You stand in line with everyone else, purchase your ticket, buy your popcorn and soda, and head for the big theater. When the phone comes on, you are reminded that there is no substitute for watching a movie on a very large screen, particularly if it is an action or science fiction film. No matter what type of film it is, you also get to be part of a crowd in the theater who will laugh, scream, and gasp with you at all the right times. Watching a movie in the theater is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience.

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The Top Horror-Movie Inspired Online Slots

Online slots are so much fun. There are just so many options to pick from that you really don’t know where to start. Whether you’re a movie, TV show, sports or comic book fan, you can be sure there’s an online slot that will appeal to your likes. For fans of Hollywood blockbusters, it’s easy – there are several dozens of slots inspired by different movie genres you can play for fun or real money at

Do you like horror movies? Many film fans don’t – they are scary and can cause nightmares that last for days before you realize there’s no monster under the bed. Still, horrors are a thrilling experience and have been dazzling the public for a long time. Some iconic characters from horror movies have been a major part of pop-culture for decades and you can bet they’ve made their way to online slots as well.


The 1978 John Carpenter movie Halloween gave birth to the hugely successful slasher genre, inspiring later hits such as Nightmare on Elm Street and Scream. Who can forget the surreal blank stare of Michael Myers’ iconic mask? Halloween was one of the first blockbuster horror movies in Hollywood and set the tone in the genre for decades later.

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Can villains save DC movies?


DC have been playing catch-up with Marvel on the cinematic playing field since 2008, when Marvel released Iron Man and forever defined the expectations of movies in the superhero genre. This is not necessarily a criticism of DC, but rather a testament to the incredible foresight and planning displayed by Marvel creatives. The criticism of DC comes from their sloppy efforts to make up an inordinate amount of lost ground with quick fixes. Having tried their hand (and failed) with re-evaluations of DC’s most famous characters in the form of Batman and Superman, DC’s recent revelation of an upcoming movie based on the Joker demonstrates a change in focus that could differentiate them from their main competitor.

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Top 10 Films About Homelessness in America

“Cinema is truth at 24 frames per second.” – Jean-Luc Godard.

Movies have become that proverbial campfire we gather around to hear stories. With film, you can experience a myriad of emotions, such as love, amazement, anger and fear. Movies help us move through time while also freezing time by taking hold of the senses that tell us what is and isn’t real.

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