There’s no doubt that going to a movie theater to see a film is a really cool thing to do. You stand in line with everyone else, purchase your ticket, buy your popcorn and soda, and head for the big theater. When the phone comes on, you are reminded that there is no substitute for watching a movie on a very large screen, particularly if it is an action or science fiction film. No matter what type of film it is, you also get to be part of a crowd in the theater who will laugh, scream, and gasp with you at all the right times. Watching a movie in the theater is certainly a one-of-a-kind experience.

However there’s some drawbacks to going to a movie theater to watch a phone. And when you compare the experience with watching a movie at home, you notice that there are some definite benefits staying home and watching a film. Here are a few of those benefits

It is much cheaper

When you rent a movie at home the cost is a fraction of what it cost for you to watch at a movie theater. When you add in the cost for parking, gasoline or bus fare, and snacks, it can often be as much as 10 times the cost of watching film at home. Using a service like Cinema Paradiso that does DVD online rental, can save you even more money. The service allows you to order the film’s you want to see online, many with many being new film releases. They are then shipped to you arriving in your mail. You can watch the films at your leisure and once you are finished, you simply put them back in your mailbox and your postman takes them away. The new films on your list will be mailed to you automatically. The service is cost-effective and convenient.

It is much more convenient

When you go to the movie theater, you have to transport yourself to the theater, stand in line and get your tickets, wait for up to 1/2 hour for movie trailers to play before the film actually starts, and then when you leave you have to get yourself back home. When you watch a phone at home you can decide when you want to see the film, you can start it at your leisure, if you need to go to the restroom or if there is an interruption, and watch it again immediately after you viewed it if you choose. In terms of convenience there is no more convenient way for you to watch a film.

You don’t have to wear clothes

One major benefit of watching a movie at home is that you can dress anyway that you like or not wear any clothes at all. If you decide to go to a movie theater nude, the likelihood is that you will end your day at the local police station. This is not to say that you have to watch films at home in the nude, you can wear whatever you like.

You never run out of snacks

When you go to the movie theater a common practice is to buy snacks that you can consume as you watch the movie. Everyone is aware that the price of snacks at the movie theater is double or even triple the regular price for those same snacks. Popcorn is often five times the amount that you would pay at your local convenience store. This usually leads to you’re having to choose which snacks to purchase on your limited budget. You will run out of snacks while you’re watching the film. When you were at home any amount of snacks that you want to consume while you’re watching the phone. In fact you can eat an entire meal while you watch the movie and have dessert. With so many food choices available and at normal prices, you will never run out of good things to eat while you.

When you add up the benefits, watching a film at home is a better option than going to your local movie theater.