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Celebrities always make dating look like a piece of cake. They meet, fall in love, look glam and gorgeous all the time and sometimes live happily ever after. We never see the awkward conversations, the period where they are trying to decide whether what they are having is just a fling or if they really like each other. It all looks so simple but love isn’t just for celebs, there is someone out there for everyone and sometimes you do meet someone and just click. There might not be paparazzi following you but it doesn’t mean it’s not right and with a bit of love and plenty of mutual understanding you might even settle down with them. Here’s how you can tell if you and your date are the best thing since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth.

You enjoy spending time together

One of the reasons we fawn over celebrity couples so much is they always seem to be out together. They get snapped on shopping, enjoying dinner, clubbing or just catching a movie. Miley and Liam threw a new year’s party to bring in 2017 together, they regularly go to dinner together and recently they even visited a children’s hospital together. It doesn’t necessarily have to be glitz and glamour, it can just be snuggled up at home in front of the TV or strolling through the park. If you tend to do this a lot, it shows you make time for each other and if you enjoy doing this, you may well have a future.

You can kiss and make up

Miley and Liam famously had a bust up a few years ago and they temporarily split. Most couples argue and have disagreements but that doesn’t mean you aren’t right for each other, it just means you are human. Miley and Liam got over there’s and if you do too then that’s a great sign. If you are in a relationship sometimes you will be together a lot especially if it gets serious and you move in together so you need to know you can kiss and make up after a row or a fall out. Holding grudges and constant moody behaviour will just cause rifts and long term problems with your relationship.

You have met each other’s friends and families

When you decide it’s time to meet each other’s families, you know things are getting serious. When you introduce the person you are dating to your family and friends, you are letting them into your life. You are allowing them to see how you live and sharing them with the people you love and care about. It is a big step because you are basically making it official that you are a couple. Liam and Miley had their New Year’s Party with their families and recently had dinner in Malibu with their mutual friends. If you are it this stage, you are probably pretty loved-up. If you have only just begun dating Melbourne singletons than you might not be at this stage yet but look out for the signs.