Being able to spend time with your loved ones on a regular basis is important. Having a bond with their parents helps many kids feel more comfortable discussing issues when they arise. A great way to bond with your children is to have a family movie night at least once a week. Use the guide below to learn a few tips for creating a night that your kids are sure to love and look forward to each week.

Choose Movies from Today or from the Past

When you watch movies on a Bundle with DIRECTV, you will be able to choose from a large variety of movies, rather than just a few that a theater is showing. There are Pay-Per-View movies available that your family can choose so that they can see the latest and greatest movies that are available. You can also choose from a large variety of movie channels that show movies from the past, such as old comedies, musicals, or even children’s shows.

Ensure a Movie is Ideal for Everyone in the Group

When you search for a movie for your family to watch, you will be able to read a description of the movie and the rating of the movie to determine if it is appropriate for your family. You do not have to search multiple websites on your phone to find out the information you need like you would if you wanted to find out about a movie before buying tickets to a movie theater.

Choose the Movie Your Family will Watch in Advance

If there is a particular movie that you and your family are interested in watching together, you can search for it on the DIRECTV app. You can set the device to record the movie when it plays so that you and your family can watch it at your leisure. This allows you and your family to watch the movies you really want to watch when you want to watch them.

Enjoy the Snacks that Your Family Really Loves

When you go to a movie theater, your family will be limited on the snacks that they are able to enjoy to the ones that are offered at the movie theater. When you have a movie night at home, you can create any snacks that your family loves. This provides you with opportunities to make healthier snacks than those that you would find at the theater or a larger variety of snacks. Consider creating cookies, salads, or even smoothies for everyone to enjoy.

Stop and Start the Movie as Needed

When you watch a movie at a movie theater, you will miss parts of the movie if you or your children need to use the restroom. When you watch the movie at home on your television, you can start and stop the movie as needed so that no one has to miss any important scenes. This can also be great if anyone falls asleep during the movie because they can rewind to the place they last remember and finish the movie at a later time. This allows everyone to be able to fully enjoy any movie your family watches.

Having a family movie night at home will save you a lot of money. Going out to a movie theater can be very expensive when you consider the cost of tickets, snacks, and drinks. Having a movie night makes choosing and enjoying the movie easier for everyone.