In the early part of the season on reality shows such as “Hell’s Kitchen,” there are usually a few fringe contestants who really don’t belong there in the first place. And these are usually the first ones to go home. Last night two went home, one by choice and one by Gordon Ramsay. Here is how it all went down….

They began with a 5am wake up call, as chefs Scott and Andrea attached an amplifying device to a standard alarm clock. Yikes. Ramsay met them in the kitchen where he asked them to cook eggs for him four ways–soft boiled, poached, scrambled and sunny side up. They would work in groups of two except for Siobhan, who for some reason was singled out to work alone.

Sal messed up his eggs badly, but most of them cooked the eggs very well. Of course, Siobhan was helped by Autumn, who kind of forced her hand on Siobhan but was polite enough about it. Ramsay got pissed and screamed at Siobhan for this, saying she should have not accepted the help. Siobhan started crying uncontrollably, which pissed off everyone there as well as everyone watching. It was just too much! The sides were tied 10-10 but it came down to Ben’s soft boiled egg, and it was perfect, clinching victory for the blue team.

Their prize? A helicopter tour over Los Angeles and lunch with Ramsay. The ladies had to accept a shipment of gigantic tuna and clean and fillet them for that night’s dinner service. For that service, they would be serving tuna tartare table side. Ramsay chose Fran and Scott to do this.

He then asked who over-salted the pasta water and it was Autumn, but she wouldn’t own up to it. Then randomly, Ramsay asked Sal to name that evening’s desserts. Sal started mumbling and sputtering and could not even name one, prompting Ramsay to send him up to his dorm to study. At the dinner service, Mikey was under-cooking the risotto, and he did it twice! Jason, meanwhile, could not cook chicken all the way through.

The red team was hitting its collective stride but they were not communicating enough and eventually it caught up with them. Andrew was talking to himself and then when Ramsay asked him something about his saute pan, Andrew started talking back to Ramsay–the kiss of death on this show. Ramsay screamed back and kicked Andrew out of the kitchen. He started walking all the way out when JP confronted him and tried to get him to stay, saying that was Ramsay’s way of testing him. But stubborn Andrew kept on walking, essentially quitting.

At the dinner service, both teams finished their services. But not without sputtering along the way, so Ramsay declared both teams losers, and asked them to each nominate one person for elimination by consensus. Interestingly, the red team chose Autumn for not being a team player and because of the salty water. The blue team chose Jason not just because of the chicken, but because they also called him out for not being a team player.

Ramsay asked the group if these two were the worst cooks on their respective teams. The women said no, that Jamie was the worst cook. So he asked Jamie to then step forward. He asked Jamie and Jason to state their cases, but he didn’t feel that either of them should go home. So he said that the person going home “for all the right reasons” was Mikey. So much for consensus! But Ramsay is the boss and it’s his show. And, Mikey had screwed up last week and this week. I had pegged him as a possible winner, and that just flew out the window!

So with two gone last night, we’re down to 13…7 ladies, 6 men. It’s going to be a fun and interesting season for sure with this cast of characters. Keep it right here for the recaps each week and let me know what you thought of last night’s episode…..