Last night on “American Idol’s” results show, there was more proof that live TV can be awkward and extremely difficult to watch at times. Reality TV is sometimes too much of a reality check.
But more on that in a minute.

After the recap, a Motown medley and the obligatory Ford video (I confess to reading the sports page during all of this), Season 2 champ Ruben Studdard peformed his new single, “Together.” And judging by how big dude is, I think he may have been singing about his relationship with a cheeseburger. But that’s okay, because after the song as he was talking to Ryan Seacrest, Ruben lost about 10 pounds of sweat. Ewwwww.

On to the results. Adam Lambert, safe. Matt Giraud, bottom 3. Yikes…what the hell was America thinking? Admittedly, I didn’t think singing Marvin Gaye was smart, but Matt did a decent job with the song. Kris Allen and Lil Rounds, both safe. Michael Sarver, bottom 3.

Then came a creepy duet for the second straight week….Smokey Robinson and the hot and much younger Joss Stone. They sang “You’re the One For Me” and if you thought Randy Travis ogling Carrie Underwood was creepy, go watch this one again.

Then came more results. Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, and Danny Gokey, all safe. Scott McIntyre and Megan Joy Corkrey, one of you is in the Bottom 3. It’s Scott! Finally America is realizing that this dude is not a great singer, but also, why is Megan safe and Matt in the Bottom 3? Are you kidding me? Well, just as fast as Scott had time to be worried, Seacrest tells him he’s not going home this week, that it’s down to either Michael or Matt. America, you are poor judges of talent, I’m telling you right now.

Then came an amazing Motown medley by the great Stevie Wonder. I explain to Mrs. Mike that Stevie is one of maybe five people who, if I met them in person, I would crap my pants. Off the top of my head, some others would be Tiger Woods, Lebron James, and Joe Montana. I’ll get back to you on the fifth.

Now back to the results. The judges say that they would consider saving either Michael or Matt this week, using their new rule. The person with the lowest number of votes this week is….Michael! Thankfully, Matt is safe, and I am 99% sure the judges would have saved him anyway. So Michael has to sing for his life, and he does so fearlessly with the fitting “Ain’t Too Proud to Beg.” But unlike last week with Alexis Grace, the judges are taking a smoke break. Randy and Simon are whispering behind Kara and Paula, who are both dancing! After the song, Ryan asked for the verdict, and Simon says, “We haven’t decided yet.” Ryan says, “Um, there is another show on, you need to make a decision.” Simon defers to Paula, who defers back to Simon, who blurts out, “Okay, I’ll make the decision…Michael, you’re going home.”

Wow, that was uncomfortable. Paula, you need to focus on your job. Kara, you are getting more annoying each week too. I will hand it to the producers, they did a great thing with the format of the show, since the top talent made it to the finals, but this save thing, despite it being very new, is making it painful to watch the results. Sure, Michael deserved to go home this week, but they didn’t have to put him through all that to find out.

So that’s it….we have a short week as Idol returns to its regular time on Tuesday of next week. Megan, Scott…..I have to believe your plane tickets home are being printed as we speak. See you all on Wednesday…