Last night’s episode of “Hell’s Kitchen” began with Giovanni talking to Carol, and telling her she needs to calm down and stop blaming Andrea and everyone else for her own shortcomings, and that she should focus on trying to win. That Giovanni has his head on straight, and he could win this season. Gordon Ramsay started out by making something that would be on the menu that evening, tartare…both steak and scallops. Yuck….raw meat of any kind makes me want to vomit. Anyway, Ramsay threw a curveball…the beef was actually tuna and the scallops were actually sea bass. Surprise!

That led into the challenge which was the palate competition, in which they chefs are blindfolded and asked to guess what Ramsay was spooning into their mouths. Ben did better than Andrea, but Robert and Giovanni guessed zero correctly. Carol beat out Lacey, and it was down to Paula and Danny, but for their part of the challenge, they had to guess the ingredients in some vegetable soup. Paula won, and the red team’s prize was a photo shoot for TV Guide. The blue team, as their punishment, had to wait on the red team during the photo shoot, as well as prep both kitchens for dinner.

At the dinner service, there are two VIPs in attendance….actors Eric McCormack and Robert Patrick. Paula makes a crappy risotto and gets yelled at for maybe the first time by Ramsay. Lacey is failing miserably on the meat station, and even blurts out, “I can’t cook meat!” Ramsay yells “Get out!” and lets her have it in the walk in fridge, lets her back in and then after more Lacey drama, fires her on the spot, the second chef to be fired like that in two weeks. Meanwhile, the blue team with Danny, Robert and Ben, are working together as a team really well without Lacey dragging them down. But the red team’s bickering and lack of communication between Andrea and Carol and L.A. is really hurting them. Not surprisingly, the blue team wins. Ramsay asks the red team to go back to their dorms and nominate a consensus two people for elimination.

They can’t even do this right, as Ramsay asks Paula for the picks and she says they couldn’t agree on two nominees. Ramsay instructs Paula to just give her the names…and she says Carol and L.A. But Carol and L.A. both thought Andrea should also be on the chopping block. So Ramsay asks Carol, L.A. and Andrea to all step forward. He says “Carol, Andrea….get back in line!” L.A. was going home. In the end, Ramsay thought L.A. lacked the leadership qualities and just didn’t speak up enough in the kitchen. But really, he and the producers are loving this bickering between Carol and Andrea and want it to continue. It’s getting interesting as we’re now down to seven contestants.

I think Giovanni and Paula are showing signs of possible contenders, but I wouldn’t rule out Robert or Danny or even Ben. See you next week!