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Saturday trailer: “Kill the Irishman”

A cinematic plea for ethnic harmony maybe? Well, no, not exactly.

Prolific screenwriter and second time director Jonathan Hensleigh‘s name hasn’t always been a sure stamp of high quality cinema so far. But this second film from the director of 2004’s “The Punisher” looks like grimy fun. With a cast led by Ray Stevenson (who played the Punisher in a movie not directed by Hensleigh) and featuring, among others, Christopher Walken, Val Kilmer, Vincent D’Onofrio, Paul Sorvino, and Robert Davi, a criminally good time would seem to be nearly a sure thing. Nearly.

H/t /Film.

“MacGruber” red-band trailer shocker: it’s funny.

Save for a few odd sketches and short films and the occasional Weekend Update zinger, I basically gave up on SNL years ago. It’s not that the performers aren’t good, it’s the quality of the writing that has pretty much gone into the toilet and I don’t think I’m alone in that perspective. As for the MacGruber character, I think Will Forte is an inherently funny guy — but to me the sketches were a moderately fun idea marred by poor follow-through.

Still, life can be full of surprises, and so I must agree with the assembled movie geeks at Christopher Campbell’s place (though not Campbell himself), that this red band trailer, which features some very silly rough language, for the upcoming cinematic spectacular, “MacGruber” is pretty funny stuff . I’ve had a rough day and a bit of harmless silliness like this was just what I needed, even though I’ve never watched a single episode of “MacGyver.” As usual, the trick is playing things as straight as possible and having both Kilmer and the great Powers Boothe in the ensemble seems to help.

Greetings to the New Show: “Knight Rider”

Well, I might as well start off this entry with the bit I wrote about the return of “Knight Rider” to series television in my Fall TV Preview:

After the incredibly disappointing TV movie earlier this year, which played like a two-hour-long car commercial with a really bad script, there is absolutely no rational reason for my including this within my top 10, but, dammit, sometimes nostalgia wins out over common sense. It is almost certainly telling that the powers that be couldn’t manage to get us a copy of the first episode prior to a network conference call to promote the series, and I will be the first to bail out if the premiere is as bad as the movie was, but – God help me – I can still remember how much enjoyment I got out of the original series, and I cannot for the life of me shake that off.

Well, NBC finally managed to produce an advance screener of the first episode, and…well, it’s not as bad as the movie, but it’s still a far cry from “great,” that’s for damned sure.

It’s one thing to turn on the television set and turn off your mind, but based on its premiere episode, it looks like “Knight Rider” is shaping up to be about as scientifically plausible as…uh…wow, I’m trying to think of a sufficiently ridiculous example, and I just can’t come up with one that I’m comfortable with. Suffice it to say that your average automotive engineer would probably find this the most hysterical hour of television to emerge in the past few decades.

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