A lot of the offices around movietown are going to be minus a number of employees a bit early this evening. Tonight is the first night of the most widely celebrated of all Jewish holidays, Passover. (Jewish holidays all start at sundown, just fyi.)

Here’s the thing, we Jews have an issue with holidays. The serious holidays are deliberately intended to be no fun at all, and the fun ones are really minor — even Hanukkah is actually not such a big deal, religiously speaking, and, though latkes are delicious, it’s really not that much of a fun holiday either. Passover is the only that’s both major on the Jewish calendar and also kind of enjoyable and interesting. Still, we’ve sometimes tried to think of ways to make the holiday based on the Book of Exodus even more popular.

They really should have acknowledged Anne Baxter and Yvonne de Carlo. Oh well, happy Pesach. This year, try matzoh with peanut butter and honey if you’ve never. It’s goood.