Star Trek: Into Darkness

“Iron Man 3” proved that “Gatsby” wasn’t great enough to take it from the top spot, but this week he faces a very angry Vulcan.

“Star Trek: Into Darkness” takes fans once again where no fans have boldly gone before. The sequel of the reboot brings Captain Kirk (Chris Pine), Spoke (Zachary Quinto) and company back as they hunt down the superman known as Khan. Can Iron Man fight off a Starship captain and a Gatsby that still managed to pull in $50 million in it’s debut?

If you’re not into Spaceships, guys in 1920s fashions or metal-clad superheroes, there are still options for you in theaters.

Black Rock – Three women hang out on a deserted island and end up fighting for their lives. Stars Katie Aselton (The League), Lake Bell (Children’s Hospital), and kate Bosworth.

Stories We Tell – A family of Storytellers are featured in this documentary.

Frances Ha – Greta Gerwig is a dancer who doesn’t really dances. That’s right, more awkward moments and awkward characters from the Queen of Mumblecore, if you’re into that sort of thing.